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Giving your bathroom the cottage charm makeover 6 easy-to-follow ideas

Bathroom interior design is a hot topic to discuss. A rustic and classic cottage charm bathroom design makeover can take you back in time. And even if you are tight on a budget, you can achieve the cozy look yourself with the help of a few interior decorating ideas and tricks.

The dreamy and charming cottage look is possible by adding warm colors, toned down hues, art deco style accessories and artworks, floral wallpapers and natural materials like wood, bamboo, etc.

A Bathroom design idea with cottage charm means a fusion of comfort with classic style. Let’s explore the tits and bits of this traditional makeover house interior design

1. Add colors inspired by cottage interiors and exteriors

Warm tones convey the rustic cottage feeling in bathroom interior design. They also add to the mood of the cottage charm by creating a sunshine-like environment. So not only are the hues warm and charming to the eyes, but they’re also comfortable. Basically, these are the colors that have red or yellow undertones. 

Below are some cottage-inspired colors for you to try out in your bathroom makeover:

  • Earthly tones
  • Light yellow
  • Wood-tone colors like maroon-brown
  • Pastel shades like light green, light blue

You can add brick texture to any of the above colors too. 

2. Toned down colors and rustic walls

So warm colors help make the space more cozy and relaxing. And here’s the thing: You don’t have to go all bright with the color intensity. If you do so, it would lean more toward the modern and playful side instead of the traditional cottage one.

In fact, you can even spare the bathroom walls of color and give them a rustic stone-like texture instead. To picture it better: Visualise black, white or brown flakes falling off and the lovely feeling of Anything that the walls are originally made of, let the surface peel away. 

3. Art-deco style 

Renovating an apartment entirely is hard. And when it comes to the bathroom interior design, making it brand new is no easy feat indeed. So this is where art deco comes to the rescue. Statement paintings can give personality to your room. A good way of filling up wall art is to get pieces of the same size. And the best type of art aligned with the cottage charm is the traditional and soft sort.

Another good example of cottage charm is the French modern interior design. If you have a high budget and also the liberty of giving your bathroom a full-fledged makeover, you shouldn’t miss out these traditional French design elements:

  • Royal drapes and curtains
  • Glass chandeliers
  • Muted colors for the house interior design and décor pieces

Get a glass chandelier only if you have enough space. In a small bathroom, it wouldn’t have much room to look fancy and it could also get dangerous if not installed properly.

4. Floral wallpapers

Floral patterned wallpapers can give any room the classic cottage makeover. If you’re opting for traditional French-style interiors, then getting such a wallpaper will add to the overall elegance.

The best bet for cottage-themed bathrooms are wallpapers having small flowers on them. Again if you’d like to leave the walls bare in some portions of the bathroom, that could also serve as a well-balanced visual outlook. So you could leave the space behind the bathtub as a plain wall painted in pale yellow and have the surrounding walls covered with floral wallpaper.

5. Add wood and other natural materials

When we think of a classic and charming look, wood is the most common material on the wall. However, that’s just one part of the story. Think of branches, leaves and even something as wild as bamboo sticks. You could combine the strongest elements of nature and use them as a towel stand or as a rack for storage. 

6. Put up textiles and other classic home décor items

In home décor idea, Away from the solid walls and the fixtures of the bathroom, think of textiles too. Curtains of cottage-themed bathrooms are delicate and translucent. They allow not only the air to sift through but also the sunshine to enter and play around with the components of the bathing space.

If you have a tiny bathroom with plenty of pipes exposed, cover them with tiny clothing instead. In cozy wooden cabins and cottages, small curtains are a thing. You can hang them in front of the space beneath the sink to cover all the drainage. And all the while, they’ll even look pretty thanks to the beautiful floral pattern on them!


All in all, bathroom interior design with a cottage charm will have a very floral essence to them. They look and feel homely, and you can incorporate traditional French interior elements to make them look even better. 

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