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Ways to Enhance Interior Design with Modern wall art painting

Are you simply bored with your interior home design by seeing the bare walls? Do you want to do something about it? If so then you have come to the right place. Initially, when you are moving into a new place there is a lot of pressure that you need to sustain such as moving your belongings from the older place and making the new place work for you in terms of décor and the adjustment that you would have to do. 

Setting up the décor of your place is simpler than you think

Don’t worry it is extremely simple and convenient especially when you start getting the hang of it all. The most common and easier way to incorporate art into your living room is through wall art paintings. What you can do here is to dedicate a specific wall inside your living room for that purpose and fill it with promising art pieces, paintings, and vintage items that make your house interior design flawless. Not only these will give your interior home design inviting but also extremely passionate mixing up with the rest of the décor. Following are some of the best decorating ideas that will help your living room to live up to its potential;

Stack your wall with art

What you can do here is to choose a specific wall that you think is central and can work as the focal point for the whole room. Now paint this wall all white because white is the universal color and will go with whatever décor and furniture sets that you have enabled for the living room at present. Start stacking your wall with Modern art paintings, landscape photography, and vintage items that you can find out there. Try to develop a pattern, instead of stacking all of it together, bring in a little spacing into the mix, try different orientations and consider which works best with what. 

Add in a shelf

This might sound a little overwhelming but you would see the openness and the well-deserved spacing that a shelf would add into your living room is just going to look amazing. When you are opting for an open shelf that also means that you are giving yourself the opportunity to change and or upgrade the items present on the shelf. Add your favorite accessories along the shelf, a few pictures and paintings that you love, and try your best to find vintage frames for these to add a bit of glamour and lost shades as these would look amazingly superb mixing the hue of the wall art with the rest of the home décor ideas for your living room. 

Contrasting styles

You just might not believe how the contrasting style is within the market these days, it is like everyone out there is trying to do something with it. A contrasting style is adding in a main or central art piece and or a painting onto a wall and then adding another piece alongside it that contradicts the very statement that specific piece is making. 

This means that you can go for interior home design with a self-portrait in dimming colors and add in a sharp or bold colored painting alongside it to give it kind of a contrasting look. Furthermore, you can stuff the front of the décor items with a bold colored sofa, a vase accompanying the whole setup, in fact, any contrast that you can add into the frame is welcomed in this approach.

Have a shape art infestation on your mantle

You might not have ever considered it but the mantle in your modern interior design without any doubt is the most inviting and riveting focal point of your living room. If you have got a fireplace then that is where your wall art should be going at. You can play with the overall size of the painting and photography that you choose for the task.

Consider adding a specific orientation such as going from the smaller frames to the larger ones with a similar photograph or painting or something that follows a similar theme. This will create a specific look that is warm and subtle and would grab the attention of the visitors from the get-go.

Final thoughts 

At the end of the day, there are a lot of things that you can do when it comes to interior home design or adding art into your living room, you can either go for certain art pieces, play with a bunch of different orientations, and try to enhance the overall look and feel of the room. But what does work for many is the combination of different colors and styles that brighten up the space.   


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