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Decorating your bathroom:7 quick, easy and stylish ideas

Does your bathroom design look ugly? If you’re someone with a small bathroom or can’t afford to renovate for some reason, you’ve come to the right place.  This article briefly discuss interior design for bathroom.

The easiest bath Room design ideas to make a bathroom look more stylish is by adding simple elements. You can add peel-and-stick tiles, create a small art gallery, stick-on wood and borders, and much more.

Before doing a bathroom makeover, it’s best to divide the space into ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ sections. 

1. Add peel and stick tiles

Long gone are the days when there weren’t many options for flooring idea. At all costs, you would have to renovate the entire flooring by installing new tiles. But peel-and-stick tiles make the job easier for you by making the process easier. No mess, pick your favorite colors and patterns and you’re good to go. If you’re living on rent, sticker tiles are the best choice for you, hands down.

2. Create a small art gallery in your bathroom

Pick tiny framed paintings for your interior design for bathroom is a great idea. It’s best to avoid hanging canvas or unframed pieces unless you have a separate section for it. Droplets of water or even steam from the shower can damage the artwork.

Feeling extra creative? You can also get a small notice board for your bathroom . Pin up small photo printouts to pop things up. This idea works well if you barely have any space.

3. Add wood elements to the bathroom walls and floor

Does your modern interior design of bathroom  lack a sense of nature? To add more natural tones to the space, lay in some wood. Like peel and stick tiles, you can get a stick-on wood veneer for both the floor and walls.


You can pick from a range of colors and textures. From mahogany to beech, pick wood that contrasts well with the visual environment of your bathroom. For example, lightly colored wood will look good in spaces with walls of dark and deep colors.

4. Put up atmospheric lighting in the bathroom

Nothing can beat the essence of natural light. But if your bathroom has a tiny window or none at all, you may be baffled. So, you can put up LED lights as they will not only look modern but also cast ample light wherever they are put up.


PRO-TIP: Take the atmospheric lighting to the next level by incorporating spa elements into your bathroom. These could be comfortable loungers of any size, depending on the space in your bathroom. You can get air pool jets, target jets, comfort jets, and more to improve the interior design for bathroom.

5. Add a border to your bathroom mirror

Whether your bathroom mirror is circular, square or rectangular, sticking a border around it will enhance it. These could be stick-and-peel repetitive borders with patterns printed on it, or they could be in the form of stencil cutouts.

PRO-TIP: If you have space, install vanity bulbs. Even when they’re not switched on, they will create a glamorous look.

6. Getting contrasting bathroom décor sets

Bathing accessories like towels, loofahs and even small cups etc can add to the overall appeal and style of the bathroom. You can also select a bright color to make the space pop, especially if the surrounding walls are wood.

7. Get a small bathroom rug

Buy a rug that is not just beautiful but also one from which you can’t slip. There are so many home décor idea available. Having a rugs is a simplest way in home decor, so you don’t have to pick the typical bubble-mat ones. Tiny patterned carpets and throws make excellent .

PRO-TIP: Add a bathing mat to the shower area. A good choice is one with a bubbled surface.

8. Don’t forget to update the fixtures

Over time, the fixtures in your bathroom can get rusty. You will also find their upper layers peeling off at one moment. This include the following elements for interior design for bathroom:

  • Flush lever
  • Washbasins
  • Taps and faucets

If you’re looking forward to getting a minor renovation, replacing the above bathroom fixtures should be your priority. Choose from matt or shiny materials to make the house interior design better.

9. Add patterned elements

A bathroom is made up of many elements. From the bathtub to the towel stand, you can add various colors to make the space look more bubbly and lively. You can get a shower curtain with delicate patterns on it. It doesn’t have to be extremely colorful, it could be elegant and modest too. It all depends on your preference!

10. Put some plants around you

Plants can breathe life into any space. You get an instant dash of green everywhere, and at the same time, they also purify the air. Remember though that a bathroom has high humidity and low light levels, so low-maintenance plants like these will be the best:


  • Mother-in-law’s tongue
  • Aloe vera
  • Spider plant


You can also add faux plants hanging in the shower area.


Bringing together the above interior design for bathroom elements will give you a well-lit and cozy look. These ideas are quick and will work for big and small bathrooms alike!

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