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Best Storage Ideas For Small Bathroom

Bathrooms have become more than just a place to use the bathroom and shower. It is where you start and end your day.  In modern times, the bathroom has undergone many changes and has become artistic while retaining its basic function as a place of hygiene with the addition of elements such as a Jacuzzi, shower, and vanity.  They are now incorporated into luxury homes as well as small apartments, creating spaces that truly represent the owner’s personality. If you are looking for some inspiration then check out these beautiful modern bathroom designs!

Towel Rack Bathroom

Bring this versatile design to your bathroom for extra storage space and a trendy decorative accent. The ladder is constructed from sturdy wood with a white finish, so it’s neutral enough to blend in with any existing decor. This practical piece features several rungs for hanging towels and washcloths, plus a lower rung where you can lay clothes that need to dry after washing.

Hanging Baskets On Wall

A modern bathroom designs nowadays consist of hanging basket. Storage boxes are one of the best ways to get things organized. And you’d love to use more of them, if only there were more shelf space. But now you don’t need shelves because you can use hanging storage boxes instead. They help maximize the use of wall space, which is ideal for small bathrooms. All you need is a hook and a wall, and you’ll be ready to go from cluttered to organized in no time!

Hanging Rails

Get more storage out of your bathroom walls with the pair of hang rails. It’s easy to install and designed to fit into the tight spaces around your sink and tub. You can add multiple accessories to organize things like soap, toothbrushes, and other personal care items.

Bathtub Surround Storage

If you have an awkward corner in your bath, take advantage of it and create a useful storage nook. Simply frame out the area and add shelves, or customize your space with drawers to organize bath products. For a truly seamless look, paint the shelves and wall behind them the same color as the wall. 

Sink Skirt For Bathroom

This skirt hides the storage containers you’ve added underneath your bathroom sink. The skirt is held in place with a flexible rod that fits between the sink pipes and can be removed easily when you need to get something out of one of the containers. This storage unit is ideal for a tiny bathroom with limited storage. You can add several storage containers without making the space look cluttered with the help of a skirt.  Nothing should stop you from getting organized modern bathroom designs, no matter how big (or small) the space is.

Hanging Storage

Create more space for everyone with the Double Hook. This brass hook screws into the wall, providing a convenient place to hang bathrobes, towels, or other items from its two movable hooks. A solution for a room short on storage keeps everything organized and easily accessible. 

Laundry Hamper

A hamper can make a great addition to your bathroom design, particularly if you’re short on the drawer or cabinet space to tuck things away. You can choose a compact model that fits between the sink and toilet, one that mounts to the back of the door, or one that pulls out from under a vanity or cabinet.

Use Multi-Purpose Pieces in bathroom designs

Stick this mirror to your wall or other flat vertical surfaces in the bathroom to free up counter space, providing a place for small items like toothpaste, decorative accents, and other toiletries. Its sleek design gives you more space while retaining classic bathroom style. Attach it using the included fasteners that are resistant to rust, corrosion, and tarnishing.

Install Wall Rack

This stylish bathroom rack features three shelves and a unique design that will add modern style to any space. Ideal for holding magazines, towels, or toilet paper. This rack is easy to clean and coordinates well with most bathroom styles.

Clutter Solver

This medicine cabinet has a modern frameless look, so it’s perfect if you’re re-doing the master bath. The outside is designed with a sleek infrared sensor that detects movement up to 6 inches away so, you won’t have to touch it. It also comes with 3 adjustable shelves and 2 stationary shelves.Use smart Cabinet

This cabinet fits easily into that awkward space between your bath and shower, for additional bathroom storage. With both open and concealed shelves, it’s easy to keep bigger items and smaller bathroom accessories like shampoo and towels in one convenient place. You can even use the open space on top as extra counter space. We hope you have liked these modern bathroom designs ideas.

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