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Bathroom design requires some more consideration than other spaces. In the bathroom typically, you’ll be managing the plumber, the plasterer, and the flooring installer all on their own, and it can be a bit too much. The average bathroom is tiny, which requires the utilization of space to fit in all the desirable features and also make it attractive and comfy at the same time.

Design inspiration can be deceivingly complicated, as it involves intricate spatial planning, plumbing, and technical knowledge. With an array of inspiring bathroom design ideas to pick from, it’s a good idea to get some design assistance, whether by an interior designer, an expert bathroom designer, or, at the very least, a professional plumber/builder with an eye for style.

STEPS to Design Bathroom Layout

There are a lot of modern interior design bathroom layout concepts to pick from. How you decide to design your bathroom layout will be contingent on various aspects. That includes the use that the bathroom serves, its dimensions, the number of people making use of the bathroom, and how frequently.

  • The view at the entering: View from the entrance is an essential aspect of design, and therefore is an excellent base for the layout of your bathroom – you’ll want to look at the basin or bath first, not the toilet.
  • Select one essential element: Be it a freestanding bath, a heart-warming vanity unit, or a stunningly tiled shower, and then build the design around it.
  • Symmetrical design : If the room’s proportions permit an asymmetry, it’s essential to design an asymmetrical layout, possibly aligned with an architectural treasure like original sash windows.
  • Dramatize bigger bathroom design: Make sure that nothing is clinging to the walls, and instead try different angles. An offset bath can be livelier or even add a creative walk-in shower concept behind the bath by moving the tub forward.
  • Create space: Have enough space around the fittings to ensure a comfortable experience and be aware of the movement in the shower door. Opt for doors that open inwards and an above-bath shower in tight spaces.
  • Get help from experts: Ask experts to aid in seeing beyond the current layout. It’s amazing how even the bathroom’s smallest space can be thought-provokingly designed.

Sink Design

Bathroom sinks that are integrated (one-piece paired with counters for vanity) and under-mount sinks for bathrooms allow you to clean up spills off the counter to the sink. However, self-rimming bathroom sinks are the least expensive and easiest to set up, but the perimeter lip could collect dirt.

Lighting Design

The mirror is the most crucial space that needs to be lit for light fixtures in the bathroom. Ideally, you’ll have wall-mounted lighting at both sides of the mirror, at eye level. There should also be an additional light on top of the mirror. This arrangement will illuminate your eyes from the sides and above the mirror, removing shadows.

For general lighting ideas  in the bathroom design, use ceiling-mounted fixtures, or create style and ambiance with chandeliers and pendant lights. Showers and tubs that are enclosed require enclosed downlights that are vapor-proof. Accent lights can highlight the collection or architectural feature and add mood and sparkle.

Shower Design

Spa-like showers are a luxury for a bathroom. Showerheads mounted on the ceiling will soak you from above while the body sprays (vertical row of showerheads) make a crisscross design to provide a massage. Showerheads that are handheld allow you to control the spray for washing your hair, washing it off, or cleaning in the shower. If you want a custom-designed stall, pick your preferred waterproof material for covering the floors, walls, and ceilings.

Floor Design

Bathroom flooring ideas must be durable, impervious to water, and slip-resistant, but it must also look attractive. The most elegant options are ceramic tiles and stone tiles. However, high-polished stone can be slippery when wet. Pick a polished floor finish to ensure better grip.

Ceramic tiles rated “impervious” are the most durable and suitable for bathrooms. Floor tiles are highly durable. They are resistant to water, stains, and wear and are simple to maintain. Choose tiles with an anti-slip finish and seal the grout as it’s hard to clean.


High-end bathroom design fixtures can give your bath area an elegant and aesthetic value. There is constant innovation and study in house interior design to bring the look, style, and luxury to everyday life. All you need is to think out of the box. There’s no limit to your imagination and imagination that can be employed to create a unique environment in the bathroom of your preference. It is always exciting to discover new methods of thinking about and executing. There are always new ways of being considered and executed.

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