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12 Simple and Affordable Home Decor Ideas for Indian Households

Indian households can be quite unique and desi in their own way. From different languages to different cultures, the house is a place where we celebrate our uniqueness and bond together. And with that, desi households often face some challenges when it comes to decorating and making their house interior design uniquely theirs.

While we’ve put together these 12 simple and affordable home decor ideas for Indian households (like sticking to ethnic patterns and colours), it’s important not to neglect your own culture while still embracing what is new.

  1. Colours

While you don’t have to limit yourself to only one colour family, sticking to it is highly recommended. There are many stylish ways of decorating your home that can be trendy while still maintaining the traditional look of your home.

For example, incorporating a lot of earthy tones in your home and using some darker colours such as rose and blue will give you a unique look in comparison to others who use bold colours.  When such walls are one of the defining elements of the design, monochrome wall painting for living room will look beautiful. And with that comes the ability to make some really great colourful themes throughout your house including in your bedroom, living room, kitchen and laundry!

  1. Ethnic patterns

Another one of the most important factors that can make your house interior design uniquely yours is to choose the right ethnic pattern for your curtains, upholstery and wallpaper. That way, you can blend in your culture but still have a house which is fashion-forward and trendy!

  1. Use mirrors to reflect light into darker areas or rooms

Mirrors are not just items you’re supposed to stick on a wall. Apart from being classy looking, they can be used to reflect light in dark areas of your house such as your living room, bathroom or kitchen. It’s a very simple trick that anyone can fix with minimal costs!

  1. Stick to dark colours for your home

Yes, you can still have a bright house and bright colors. However, it’s not too smart to go overboard with bright colours on your walls and furniture. Although vibrant colours are definitely in right now, they are not always a good idea when they’re used too much.

If your walls and furniture reflect light, the colour will be fading out fast and you will find that your house looks older than it is. So while it is alright to have some bold colours in your decor such as purple (made famous by Prince), it’s better not to go overboard with bright colours such as yellow!

  1. Plants

Another easy and simple house interior design idea is to have a plant in your house. It will help bring in some greenery into your home, which is always in season and popular! You can use different plants such as the Thai fairy aloe (Aloe arborescens) or the elephant ear plants (Alocasia) that are both very easy to maintain at home.

  1. Cosy beds and comfortable seating

It’s all about comfortability. Having comfy beds, chairs and sofa for living room will reflect in how you live, sleep and relax at home. Ensuring that the furniture is comfortable and high quality is essential to ensuring that you are living a healthy, happy lifestyle.

  1. Add some accessories

Whether it’s a cool vase to place on the shelves or some decor pieces to make your home look instantly cosy, adding accessories is definitely a good idea! Although accessories such as carpets and rugs for living room are not completely necessary, they do add a personal touch to your home while giving it that extra touch of luxury and style.

  1. Stick to one type of furniture

While it’s important not to fall for the ‘less is more’ trend (e.g. saying that having only 3 chairs and a table gives off a good vibe), it’s better to stick with one or two types of furniture for living room in your house. It will not only help make your home look clean and classy but also help when you plan on moving in the near future.

  1. Balance between masculine and feminine

While it may not always be easy to stick to only one type of decor for your house, it’s always important to balance out that masculine and feminine stuff in your living room design! You can opt for a mix of different styles such as using some traditional Indian furniture alongside some pieces from other cultures. Make sure it’s complementary and not conflicting.

  1. Don’t overlook power points

From chargers to fans, you need power points to charge your gadgets and keep your house cool! So while decorating your home, make sure you have enough power points that you can use so that nothing hinders the way you live at home! You should have at least one for each room in the house.

  1. Use the space around your house wisely

In a traditional Indian house interior design, the space outside can often be as big as the inside. So while you don’t have to make your entire garden into a terrace, you can still use it wisely to store some of your gardening items or even create a small seating area for yourself. That way, your guests will feel more comfortable if they’re not stuck inside.

  1. Being innovative with your decor

While it’s important to stick to your culture, making some additions such as using some over-sized mirrors or some bold pieces from other cultures can add a subtle (or not-so-subtle) touch of design to your home. But it’s important to do it somewhat tastefully.

Apart from being a great way of enhancing your living space and making your house look better, home decor can be a great stress buster. And with the right things done systematically, you can rest assured that you’re on the right track to finding the most peaceful and relaxing place!

Let us know in the comments section below if you have any other ideas related to house interior design that we might have missed out on! Share them with us so that we can all make our homes more unique!

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