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Interior Design : The Basics of Decorating in Contemporary Style

Are you looking for interior design for home to add a touch of contemporary class? If so, you are at the right place.

The contemporary classic style is one of the most popular trends out there right now! But what, exactly, is this style, and how can you achieve it in your own home? Keep reading for all the details.

1.     Layered Elements

The contemporary classic style is all about the details: it’s a style that takes its cue from traditional homes of the past but incorporates its own modern twists. For example, you can create a classy “wow factor” by using an extravagant piece as the focal point of your modern interior design scheme – but if your home décor is otherwise fairly minimalistic, you’ll want to keep the focal piece small.

Small pieces are great sources of interior design for home. For this style since they help to create a layered look that mimics traditional homes of days gone by. Layer rugs over area rugs, art over furniture, and other decorative elements over your base palette to create a stylish, chic look that’s totally on-trend.

2.     Rich Colors

The contemporary classic style is characterized by rich colors and neutrals – think deep purples, blues, and greens instead of bright reds and yellows. In particular, you’ll want to focus on rich jewel tones in shades like sapphire, emerald, amethyst, and ruby.

3.     Dark Wood Floors

Another on-trend element of the contemporary classic style is dark wood floors in place of traditional light hardwood or carpeting. Use your imagination to create a stained wooden floor that reflects the color scheme you’ve chosen for your home décor. You can even combine different shades of wood stain to create a unique look.

4.     Stone and Marble Elements

More traditional interior design for home consist of  ceramic, porcelain and other “softer” materials in the kitchen and bathrooms rather than stone or marble. However, when you decide to add a contemporary classic touch to your home décor, you’ll want to use these elements instead. Keep in mind that the shade of stone or marble you choose should match your wood floors and other décor elements.

5.     Minimalist Mantle

As mentioned above, this style takes its cue from traditional house interior design– but rather than adorning your mantle with multiple vases and other decorating ideas, stick to a more minimalist approach. This will help your home décor look clean and chic – rather than cluttered and busy.

6.     Rich Fabrics


When you’re planning the decorating scheme of your contemporary classic room or rooms, keep in mind that rich fabrics can be one of the most versatile design inspiration you can choose.

While traditional homes tend to rely on neutral colors and patterns that complement the rest of your home décor, this style allows for more creativity when it comes to choosing your fabrics.

Instead of sticking with monochromatic color schemes, you can incorporate rich hues or contrasting colors into your fabric choices. You can even mix different fabrics within the same room or space – for example, using a piece of silk fabric as your window treatments and cotton for another element in the room.

7.     Traditional Materials

If you want to take your home décor from contemporary classic to “old-school glam,” use traditional materials like marble, hardwood, and metallic finishes. This will help you create the kind of look that was seen in traditional homes of days gone by.

8.     Rich Furniture Pieces

The contemporary classic style takes many of its cues from more traditional homes, which typically include richly detailed furniture pieces like armoires or dressers with intricate detailing. You can incorporate these elements in your interior design for home by using dark woods and traditional furniture pieces – or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, use something like a contemporary armoire or dresser to help bring this style into modern times.

9.     Traditional Window Treatments

Rather than rely on sheer curtain panels for your window treatments, choose folds and swags of fabric instead – then, tie them back with ribbon or other elements that will help create a bolder look.

Traditional homes often have heavier window treatments, so this style takes advantage of the same element to add richness and dimension to your home décor.

10. Abstract Artwork

Another way you can take your contemporary classic home décor from simple and traditional to bold and chic is by replacing your traditional artwork with abstract pieces. Remember, this style gives you the freedom to be more creative when it comes to choosing your home décor elements – so don’t hesitate to break away from tradition if you want a real conversation starter in your living room or bedroom!

11.Velvet Pillows

Much like other aspects of your contemporary classic home décor, you can use velvet pillows to help bring a more traditional element into the mix. For example, if your sofa is upholstered in a soft velvet fabric, use solid or patterned velvet pillows to create contrast. This will make it easier for you to choose other modern design elements throughout the room, while still tying the space back to a more traditional style.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the contemporary classic style takes its cues from traditional homes – but rather than adhering strictly to tradition, it puts a creative twist on these elements.

If your interior design for home tends to lean more towards modern styles, this is an easy way to add richness , dimension and life at home without going overboard. Now that you know the basics of this style, it’s time to bring these elements into your home – and create a space you love!


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