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Use Vintage Or Antiques To Decor Your Home

When it comes to home décor items or  decorating ideas , incorporating vintage or antique pieces into your home can be just as appealing as a brand-new item.  No matter the style of your space, decorating with antiques and second-hand treasures is a time-honored way to round out any space. Nothing makes a home feel more complete than the presence of beautiful, vintage furniture. Antiques carry history, are typically well crafted with striking details, and can offer the potential to make your home uniquely your own.  Generally, the age of a piece determines whether it’s antique or vintage. As with any rule, however, there are exceptions. The term antique typically referenced an item that is at least 100 years old, while anything older than 20 years can be considered vintage.  Antiques should not be thought of as museum-like pieces with velvet ropes; vintage items are here for you to use and enjoy.

Sitting Room

A tastefully assembled collection of antique furniture ideas , it gives a look of a room that is loved, cherished, and dwelled. An antique console table is the perfect accent piece for any space. It can be used in many ways throughout your home: as a stylish entryway table, a lovely sofa table, or even as a bar cabinet.

The color palette is one of the most important aspects when decorating your home A white sitting room works well in tandem with other colors, and depending on the accessories you add, can achieve a modern or traditional aesthetic. This sitting room is furnished beautifully in white, creating a cozy space. The antique chairs draw your attention, standing out against the white backdrop and the simple elegance of the circular table gives a sense of harmony to the living room design.


The bedroom design is a good size with plenty of space for a seating area and the addition of an en-suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe. These are not seen here as the room had been virtually staged to show the potential layout. The flooring and wall color were kept neutral but the addition of several antique bedside tables, a wardrobe, stool, and dressing table add to the feeling of luxury in the room. The tissue box was restyled to give it a new purpose within this look!

Bedroom design can be a daunting task. It’s hard to find the balance of home décor ideas without it looking too fussy or overcrowded. Our advice would be to start with large furniture pieces and work your way down from there with other home décor items. For example, start with an antique iron bed and then add in some rustic antiques such as a clock, mirror, and table like shown above. From there, accessories can be added in but keep them short and sweet!


When you put something in a specific area, the eye looks at that first. If it’s cluttered and old, it will make most of the room feel boring even if everything else is clean and neat. In this modern property, the staircase is a very important aspect of house interior design. Staircases are the perfect place to experiment with something a little left-field and show your creativity, be that with paint color, material, or furniture.  In the hallway the contemporary glass staircase makes it look stark and bright without any personality. However, if you put an old terracotta pot and antique table in the corner of your room they will break up the geometry of the staircase and make your house feel settled in.

A staircase is not only a functional path to the upper floors but can also be a great ornamental piece if done right. This is a great place where you can showcase old and antique pictures and photographs as well. 


The Kitchen Design is an ideal location to have a few standout pieces that add character and bring the room together. When you’re looking for an antique look in your kitchen, there are lots of different ways to get the look. There certainly is a trend back to traditional kitchens again, and we firmly believe that antique furniture has a place in the kitchen or dining room. There are few choices when it comes to period-style dining tables, as most of our period dining chairs fit under the table when not in use.  The best way to pick out antique items is to first decide on what you need or use regularly in your kitchen. A collection of metal trays on the wall above this stainless steel stove and range hood are given a chic look with matte black handles.

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