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How to choose the right art for your apartment: Color, size, framing, etc.

Getting the right wall paintings for home or apartment can be tricky. Especially if you don’t have much space, you may find it challenging to pick and display artwork. So before you buy wall art for your home, you need to understand the mood of your space.

Choosing the right art for your apartment involves picking the right size and matching color and style elements with the environment. In addition, the art has to be aligned with the room’s theme. For example, a classical room should have traditional-style paintings or wall art. Similarly, a modern room would be better off with simplistic wall art.

1. Make color and texture notes of the environment


The color and texture of the room will help you make the right choice when purchasing wall paintings for home or apartment.

Classic room

A classic room may have all types of colors and shades. So any type of work can fit in, as long as it looks traditional in artistic aspects.

Colorful room

Does your room have many décor elements? Make your color scheme process simpler. Pick out two to three colors and textures from the environment. Then you can select artworks that have the same range of tints, tones and shades.

Minimalistic room

For a minimalistic room, simple artwork is the best. Pick one or two elements in the room. It could be a grey lampshade, for example. In contrast, you can buy grayscale artworks that don’t fight for attention or look busy.

Child’s room

A child’s room will have artwork that’s all fun and play. So think about artwork with vivid colors that can brighten up your little one’s day.

2. Browse various art genres


Artwork is categorized according to many criteria. Color, genre, subject, and media are to name a few. To help tone down the choices in wall art, understand the room’s purpose.

For a child’s room, artwork that’s bubbly and cartoons would look more appealing. Similarly, for a modern space, you would need simple and not complicated. Usually, abstract pieces blend in really well with the contemporary look.

3. Picking the right artwork size


Typically, the standard sizes  of wall paintings for home are the most common choice for wall art. However, you can  also generalize sizes from tiny to large works. Here are a few sizes you can look for according to the centimeters/inches mentioned:

25-44 cm/9.8-17.3 in

It’s the smallest size in artworks. And it’s the most ideal for art subjects that don’t require a large size to look good.

45-59 cm/17.7-23.2 in

If you’re looking forward to hanging multiple artworks in a row, this is the size you want to get. Typically, it’s best for artwork sets in pairs or groups of three to four.

60-70 cm/23.6-27.5 in

This is the size you would want for medium-sized artworks. You can keep these wall art pieces in groups or even hang each of them alone.

80-100 cm/31.4-39.3 in

Need large-sized art that lures in the viewer’s eyes immediately? The 80-100 cm is the perfect size for that artwork you want to become the center of attention.

Above 100 cm/39.3 in

These are giant artworks, so they are ideal for living rooms or the sort. If you ever want a mural painting, you can get artwork larger than 100 cm.

If you’re going for prints, you can decide on any of the above sizes, as long as the photo resolution is good. However, remember that arrangement is key. So before getting artworks in different sizes,

4. Deciding or picking the right frame

Not every frame can look good with a particular artwork. The frame type you opt for depends on the outer material, the inclusion of glass, and the kind of art piece.

Below are some popular frame types and options to look out for:

●    Wood edge-to-edge framing

Wooden framing is the most versatile of them all. Since it’s natural, it can blend well with any environment.

●    Traditional, ornamented framing

Do you have a classic/traditional room? Classic ornamental frames are the best choice as they take you back in time. These look fancy as they have a metallic and shiny appearance.

●    Box or shadow framing

This type of framing looks modern and contemporary. It usually has wooden edges, and the glass is lifted away from the actual artwork.


Before buying wall paintings for home or apartment, consider the room’s mood, purpose, and available space. If you’re getting an artwork printed, keep both the original print size and the width of the frame in mind. The framing should contrast nicely with the room and space where you want to hang the wall art.

Remember to arrange the wall art pieces properly. For example, if there’s a large painting, keep it in the middle and surround it with tinier ones to balance the entire space.


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