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Want to amp up a living room? Don’t miss these 6 simple tricks

Are you looking for interior design in living room? For every home, the living room design is the ultimate comfort zone. And with some layout planning and getting relevant items to fill up the space, it can transform into a place of pure bliss. 

To amp up a living room, first and foremost, consider its living room ideas. The planning and purpose will make the color scheme and theme clear. Next, start gathering furniture and home décor items that synchronize with the overall atmosphere of the living room. 

You can make the living room more stylish and comfortable under a budget. Here are a few steps to follow for interior design in living room.

1. Planning the living room 

While planning the home décor ideas, consider the following:

  • The purpose of the living room – Will you read there?
  • The number of people you want the living room to accommodate.
  • Will it be a place to isolate and relax or socialize? For the latter, you can even place a television. But for the former purpose, you would need no sort of distractions.

For multipurpose living rooms, divide the space into sections. You could install or place bookshelves in one part and dedicate the area to reading. Similarly, you could place a giant and sleek LCD screen in another corner and designate the space for video gaming. And so on, and so forth.

2. Setting a theme or scheme for your living room

The living room should be in harmony with the overall vibes of your home. To keep the design and revamp process simple, think about whether you like a classical approach or a modern one. Act as if you’re seeing every room for the first time.

And think to yourself – Would you be better off with a traditional living Room ideas, or a contemporary one?

Below are some elements for interior design in living room that make each theme different from the others.

Elements of a traditional or classic living room

  • Classic style sofas 
  • Ancient or traditional style vases
  • Has wall paintings in traditional style
  • Decorative pieces are usually made of stone, ceramic, marble, bronze, silver or other materials from the classical era

Elements of a modern living room

  • Sleek  and slim decor pieces
  • Carries a minimalistic approach
  • Usually has a pop of color here and there, in the form of simple paintings or other decorative accessories like cushions

Once you’re done with the theme, you can move on to the color scheme. 

3. Picking living room furniture aligned with the color scheme

Modern or Antique, the  Furniture for living room and accessories must reflect the same style. You can keep the revamp process budget friendly by buying cushions and other decorative textile accessories.

Here is a design example. Suppose you have an armchair that’s dark blue. You can balance it by getting patterned cushions that are a lighter hue of blue or a contrasting color altogether. If you want to make things pop up against a dark background, always select a bright color to go with it.

4. Lighting up the room

With many lights available in the market, it is ideal to pick various intensities. Basically, it’s not enough to have fixed lighting, as lighting preferences vary from one person to another. And they can even differentiate between different timings of the day.

To get more options for setting the mood and ambience of your living room, consider installing smart lighting. These could vary from bulbs to even lamps that allow you to switch between cool and warm temperatures. 

If you’re confused, it’s best to hire a professional interior designer or decorator to come up with the best lighting for living room.

5. Add wall art to your living room walls

Without wall art interior design in living room is incomplete. Empty walls can look great for their color and texture but it’ll appear as if they’re missing something.

You can get Wall Paintings for your living room according to subject, genre or media. It will give a consistent look to the walls. For instance, if you love illustrated art prints, then stick to getting only those in various sizes.

6. Add metallic or natural elements

With all the décor items and accessories you put in your living room, the color and texture play an important role. But whether it’s a classic space or a modern one, natural earth-toned items will always look refreshing.

You can add a few wooden tables. And for a slight glamorous touch, you can add a metallic vase to go with it. It could be bronze, brass, silver, golden – whatever you like in shiny substances!


If you want to amp up your living room, decide between going classic or contemporary. we have discussed interior design in living room in detail. Then get suitable accessories of matching colors and patterns. For a modern space, spontaneous and simplistic designs work best, whereas a traditional space can get more sophisticated. Always add natural materials like earth-toned tables and small metallic items for a slight glamorous appeal.

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