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5 framed wall art ideas for your living space

Have you ever wondered how dull and boring your space looks without incorporating any sense of  Wall art into it? It is almost the very soul of the space that has been rid of it, you don’t want to be living in that kind of experience now do you? Well, if not then you better do something about it and the best way around that is via introducing wall art into your home using any if these wall art ideas.

Work with wall art at a passionate level

There are several ways using which you can do this, it doesn’t matter what kind of home décor ideas you have etched over for your place because the decorating ideas that are about to be shared with you will work no matter what kind of setting you have going on;

Metallic framed prints

This might be kind of a new thing for you and you might have your reservations with this but know that it is going to present you with a new and unique look to your house interior design and living room setting. The idea behind this is to choose a painting or a relative landscape picture and then embed the whole thing into a metallic frame, this will give the piece a timeless look and turn it into a vintage décor item for your living room design

If you want to do a little more with this try to add a contrasting option with that of the metallic frame such as placing a wooden framed photo next to the metallic frame, then a plastic frame photo, and so on so to give it a dazzling overall look.

Kitchen spoon display

An amazing wall art ideas are infusing some wall Paintings love into your home don’t let your kitchen go barren, try to incorporate a few subtle additions into it as well. You can either dedicate a proper wall for this setting and hang a few home accessories from it or you can install a shelf right above your countertop and place the whole thing there. 

If you are not sure about choosing a dedicated accessory for the task then by all means go with the wooden spoons as these come in a variety of sizes and shapes and with polished elements infused into these. Try to formulate a potential pattern with these spoons, pack a few identical and next to these a few unsymmetrical and this way create a potential portrait and let these hang for good. 

Chalk paint wall calendar

On the other hand, if you wish to go with something subtle or even something that is not too complicated and looks extremely amazing then by all means go with a chalk paint wall calendar.  These wall art ideas will give authentic look you can use the acrylic chalkboard paint and then use chalk to draw up a calendar with all the important aspects of your day etched onto it. Furthermore, you can also add multiple pictures around each month’s square to remind you of any important events that might be coming right up your avenue so you can prepare a little better for these.

Let the paint dry up in a way that doesn’t leave any smudges or rough ends or otherwise you will be ruining the whole collage of this chalk paint wall calendar. Also, try your best not to interfere with the paint whilst it is drying. This whole living room ideas would look nothing less than spectacular and leave you and your visitors in a colossal expression of awe and wonder. 

Old books wall display

Are you a reader, fond of books or just love to be curled up into any piece of literature that you can get your hands on? Then here are some other wall art ideas.If this is the case then you would absolutely love the idea of setting up an old book wall display. Paint your wall on which you want to develop this book display with an accent color, you can choose anything but instead of going with the lighter colors and tones try to brighten up the whole thing by choosing bolder and brighter colors. 

Now when you have painted an accented color, plunge a few nails deep into the wall so that these are properly fastened and not loose at all. Now tether the books onto the nails, if you don’t want to punch a hole inside the book then do use a piece of string or fishing line to keep these into place. If you want you can open a few pages of the book as well to give it an authentic and vibrant feel.  

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