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7 Go-to Wall Décor ideas and tips to transform any room or space

Wall decor ideas can go beyond paintings and photographs. To completely own your space, combining many visual elements will go a long way. From deciding color schemes to getting beautiful ambient lighting for walls, you can combine many options.

Wall decor can be a mixture of color harmony, texture, and assorted accessories. By combining fairy lights, plants, stick-on tiles, and tapestries, you can make your walls more beautiful. 

If you’re looking for home décor ideas on wall decor transformation, look no further than the tips below.

1. Adjust or re-adjust the colors in your space

First things first, how is the color harmony in your space? For rooms that are entirely white, the only way to make things pop is by adding colorful accessories. Before buying wall decor for implementing decorating ideas, think of light and dark colors. For darker spaces, lightweight and faded colors work well in decorated items. And for a lighter environment, dark elements can pop out better. 

2. Fairy lights and hanging bulbs

Fairy lights make an excellent choice change the house interior design. They’re available in various lengths and colors. But if you want to choose one that works for you, think about the kind of ambiance you like. Also, make a note of the wall colors around you.

You can fix the lighting ideas against the wall. Try out exciting shapes, twist the wires to form the shape of an animal if it’s for a wall in your child’s room. You can also add clip-on photos of the fairy light wires and make a display out of small photo prints.

3. Hang plants against the wall in your room

It isn’t necessarily for plants to be on the ground. If you put them on the wall, you’re going green with wall décor! Below are some ideas to use plants as wall décor items:

Attach planters to the walls

Take empty cans and hang them to the wall. Add plants inside them like you would with ordinary pots. You can also get a hollow statue and put a plant inside that. It will give you 2-in-1 wall décor and you can also paint the cans in multiple shades.

Buy hanging glass terrariums

Next in the list of  wall décor ideas is hanging glass terrariums. Although these terrariums look great hanging away from the wall, they can look equally spectacular gliding against them. They’re a great choice for filling up the corners of the walls in modern interior design, where it’s usually hard to hang anything else. They are available in various shapes – circular, spherical, elongated, etc.

4. Add vinyl or tile stickers to your wall

If you have plain solid walls, you may be tempted to add a bit of pattern and color. But at the same time, you don’t want to ruin the neat look. So if you want to take a risk, get peel-and-stick tiles or temporary wall stickers instead. 

Alternatively, you can also try pasting a scrap of patterned wallpaper. You can try giving a rough look by pasting multiple pieces over one another.

5. Hang mirrors over the walls


Mirror, mirror… On the wall!  One of the best Wall Décor ideas solution.

Not only do mirrors look elegant, but they also accentuate the visual elements already present in a space. They can also reflect the lighting in your room, making it look more open and inviting. So if you have a small room with just a bit of wall space, adding a few small mirrors is sufficient. Try hanging mirrors of different shapes for a spontaneous design. 

6. Add a wall tapestry

Got plenty of wall space to spare? Buy a medium to large tapestry and hang it in the middle of the wall. A classic hand-woven one with tassels at the end can complement any type of room – modern or classic. 

You can also try creating a gallery of tapestries. Get wall-hangings of different sizes – from small to medium to large ones. You can arrange them all in a free grid style or in a way that mimics an art gallery.

7. Hang magazines or clippings

Are you an avid reader or a fan of magazines? Ever tried hanging them up on walls? If you haven’t done so before, get some bulldog clips and keep your favorite magazine copies at the ready. 

This wall décor ideas work best on a large wall with plenty of empty space. You would also need nails already up there for the clips to hang from. It’s a wonderful wall décor for common rooms or living room design. Since it’s both artistic and literary, it is perfect to add to the coffee table vibes. 


Choose wall decor items depending on the space you have. Keep color contrast in mind, for darker walls, light colors and lightweight textiles are the best. With lightly-colored walls, it’s ideal to fill up with well-contrasting, darker items. And with dark walls, go light instead. Feel free to mix and match all the above wall decor ideas to reflect your personality!

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