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How To Decor The Blank Walls Of Your Living Room

As we spend more time at home, a calm and relaxing environment can affect our overall health and well-being. You can change the environment of your home and living room by hanging paintings on your blank walls. Lets discuss decor for a living room in detail.

A blank wall is a great place to let your personality shine. Showcase your favorite art or that vintage travel poster that’s been in the attic for years. No matter what you choose, a selection of wall decor and personal accessories, including clocks, mirrors, lighting, and more will help you get the most out of your space by transforming empty walls into feature walls.

Using Vintage Plates

Vintage pates are used as a common decor for a living room. Incorporate a traditional approach to your gallery wall with this set of three vintage-style plates. Stunning on their own, they are cast in hand-poured ceramics, making each one entirely unique. Use the gold leaf touches and antique finish to create the perfect balance with modern frames and other decor pieces. With a range of sizing options, you can easily mix and match these pieces to build a symmetrical display that suits your space.

Hand Woven Wall Hangings

Flat-weave textiles add a beautiful touch of pattern and texture to any space. There’s just something about those flat weave textiles that add instant comfort and a retro-inspired look to your space. Mix them into your living room, throw them over a sofa or an armchair to add softness and color, or style them as part of a gallery wall for an eye-catching accent.

Framing Vintage Scarves

Thinking of adding a splash of color to your walls? Look no further. Here is another decor for a living room tips. A silk scarf makes for a beautiful and inexpensive addition to one’s home decor. Choose a pattern that you like and pop it in a frame for an instant piece of art.

Hang Clock On Wall

This large, square wall clock features black hands against a white face. Done up in a hammered metal frame with a black finish, it makes a bold statement. Hang in a bedroom, living room, office or anywhere else you want to add just the right amount of stylish accent that tells everyone to be on time.

Hanging A Large Mirror

Large mirrors have an inherent ability to make a room look bigger and brighter. The sleek and modern design of this leaning mirror is perfect for the living room design, bedroom, or even as a decorative element in a hallway. 

Floating Wall & Display Shelves

Whether you’re looking to transform plain walls into a standout showcase or simply add a bit of contrast to your surrounding design. The Floating Console is the perfect way to showcase decorative objects, photos, and other accessories in a stylish way. It makes any blank wall come to life by adding depth and dimension. 

Hanging Baskets

Hang a collection of woven baskets on your walls for an eye-catching display that also serves as storage. The natural material and neutral hues will bring a cozy vibe to the space. Each basket is hand-made from natural materials including cotton, palm, and banana leaf. Each one has a unique pattern, adding depth and character to the living room.

Hanging Gallery Wall

While looking for decor for a living room you can use a gallery wall. Gallery walls are great for displaying your favorite art, photos, and other objects and turning them into a centerpiece. Make sure that you create a balanced design with varying sizes and overlapping pieces. Scalability is important because if you have to add or remove elements to the wall in the future, the balance could easily be thrown off.

Using More Than One Frame

Frames are a beautiful way to highlight artwork, whether it’s sketched your child has done or pages torn from coloring books and hung together as a group. The frame selection and hanging arrangements make a big impact here. While it is nice to have all of it fit together in a certain style, this isn’t always possible when considering the size, style, and materials of the artwork itself. Therefore, getting more than one frame will help make everything more balanced and also give your living room more personality!

Tapestry Pattern

A tapestry is a practical way to add color and pattern to your home. Use a tapestry to decorate your home in a unique, personalized way. It’s an easy way to give your living space or bedroom a burst of bold color and visual interest. The bold backdrop makes for a striking focal point and it may even hide an unsightly wall. Tapestries make great privacy screens, which is helpful in the living rooms, dorm rooms, apartments, and guest rooms. If you have any other decor for a living room ideas. Please share with us in comment section.

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