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Tips for planning a wonderful destination wedding

A destination wedding refers to arrange marriage events in some foreign area or country. Bride & groom with their families, relatives, and friends are supposed to stay at some resort or hotel long for the wedding events to come to a happy end. Destination weddings cost more than traditional weddings. Destination weddings are trending more over time. Indian people love festivals, and wedding festivals are their favourite. They try their best to make these events unique and wonderful to the possible extent. Foreign countries like the USA UK are considered the best venue for a destination wedding, but India also has many good venues for a destination wedding. Here are some tips for you to plan a flawless destination wedding.

  • Fix the date first

Whether you are interested in planning a traditional or destination wedding, first make sure you have decided the exact date for your wedding. All other plans will be devised according to the fixed date. It is important to give you a timeline for how long you have to complete all your pre-wedding preparations. 

  • Take a final decision for your desired wedding destination

The second on the to-do list for planning a destination wedding is making a final decision about the destination. You can research some of your favourite venues by visiting or taking a glimpse online. It would be better to inquire from friends or relatives about necessary details. They would guide you according to their good or bad experience. The internet has brought everything to your fingertips. You can find the most trending wedding destinations and their packages online. An online search will help you watch their past wedding events through photographs and videos. You can choose the one that best suits you by inquiring both your relatives and online. Once you are done with a destination, you can do further planning by keeping in view the features of that venue. The next step is to inform all the intended participants about the date and venue of the wedding so that they may adjust their schedules.

  • Formulate an estimated budget 

Your budget is a base for all you are planning for. You cannot do final anything without keeping in view the statistics you have made for that. It could also help you to choose between your favourite venues. You may formulate your budget in detail. It would be better to keep written notes about how much you want to spend on which event. Then, you may make subcategories for every wedding event like décor and food expenditure for Mayun, Barat, and Reception. You may also calculate travelling expenditures in your written notes. It would make you feel clear in your financial matters, and you will easily manage everything according to your budget. 

Do not forget about including minor details like transport expenses from the airport to the hotel, and then from the hotel to the venue, or if you intend to explore the city with family and friends. These minor details are good to check if you arrange your destination wedding in some foreign country.

  • Visit the venue before the wedding to make everything perfect

You may make it your priority to visit the final venue before the wedding once or twice. It would better help you to arrange the event in a convenient manner. By visiting, you can consult with the hotel’s management about organizing the wedding events and inform them what type of theme you would like. You can check the offered wedding packages and opt for the one you like most. You can also do customized event settings as you know better about the wedding participants than a hotel administration. You may visit the hotel rooms to book according to your needs. 

  • Hire a professional to make it more awesome

Hiring a professional wedding planner to make your destination wedding impressive would be great. A wedding planner has a bulk of experience and can better guide you in your planning. He can also make things easy that seem complex to you.

  • Formulate an estimated budget 

One more advantage of hiring a wedding planner is that he would give you the most suitable options. He may help you hire the good photographer and video maker; he may inform you who caters best in the town. He may tell you about the minor issues you may not notice by yourself. You can discuss what type of plans you have in your mind for your wedding, and he may make these plans applicable in the most surprising way.

  • Intimate yourself to your venue a minimum of a week before your wedding

Your mind and body need some time to get adjusted to a new environment. It would be better to reach the wedding destination minimum of a week before your wedding. You would be able to keep a check on the wedding settings and feel at ease at the new place.

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