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7 great interior flooring trends for 2024

The word for the latest interior flooring ideas trends of 2022 is out. And you can choose from a variety of options for your home.  We are sharing new trends of floor design for home.

Some of the most common interior flooring trend options are wood, ceramic, concrete and stone. The design and color choices can be multiple, based on the theme of your home. However, some trending pattern and color choices include vintage black and white, colorful patterned tiles and mosaic tiles.

So before we move on to the great interior flooring trends for 2022, make note of the following:

  • Environment of the room: The room where you want to install the flooring. What is its temperature mostly? Is it damp or moist quite often?
  • Design of the room: What is the mood of the room? Make note of the colors and textures. Then formulate the atmosphere you want to create in your mind. 

Ultimately, the flooring for your house interior design to choose needs to align with the durability and the look of the room you plan to install it in.

Top materials for interior flooring 2022

1. Wood flooring

The first floor design for home that we  would like to include here is wood flooring. Wood flooring is perfect for all types of settings. If you want to add that ‘natural’ look to the floor, you can choose between original and laminated wood. 

Below are a few qualities of engineered wood:

  • It is made of multiple layers of wood bound together. 
  • The top is made of wood veneer, which is thinner.
  • The topmost layer can vary in color, based on the wood chosen for production.

It’s better to choose engineered and laminate wood flooring.The appearance is the same as natural wood and it’s also more reliable and durable. 

2. Ceramic flooring

In the modern interior design , ceramic flooring is one of the most versatile choices. 

Below are some properties of ceramic floor tiles:

  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Variety of color and texture choices (also has a wide range of finishes)
  • Suitable for all rooms

Ceramic flooring is a great option for bathroom design because of its durability.

3. Concrete flooring

Concrete was the ultimate material of the past. Yet it’s pretty much still in the interior flooring trends of 2022 for living room design. Based on your personal preferences, you can pick from two types of concrete flooring:

Plain concrete

It is the classic, old-fashioned version of concrete. It also gives off minimalistic vibes. It is a very common choice for a full or partial outdoor area.

Stained concrete

It is perfect if you want to give a modern look with floor design for home. In the past, concrete was all grey. But now, colored options make the flooring look more appealing.

4. Stone flooring

Hands down, stone flooring is the strongest option out all decorating ideas for any space. Here are some other advantages:

  • Extremely easy to clean – all you need is some mopping and sweeping.
  • Stone flooring is resistant to moisture. Thus it is a good choice for damp and moist areas.
  • Each piece of stone is unique, which makes the floor look like one big artistic masterpiece.

And especially for rooms that are mostly crowded, stone is the best choice. A few examples would be the kitchen, living room or a common platform such as a foyer.

Choices for stone flooring can be different, depending on the look you want to get for your home. Here are a few popular ones:

  • Jaisalmer: Warm yellow in color and derived from limestone.
  • Marble: If sealed properly, white marble looks beautiful and provides resistance against moisture.
  • Granite: Available in many colors. Out of which white, red and green are the most expensive and grey is the cheapest
  • Slate: It’s typically black or grey and is perfect for giving the rustic look.

Top styles for interior flooring 2022

5. Vintage Black & White

Black and white hardly ever goes out of trend. You can get all sorts of patterns in this color combination of neutrals. Think of bnw zig zags, polka dots, stripes – anything you can come up with!

6. Colorful patterns

Many colors and patterns  of floor design for home are available within ceramics. For example, you will find a lot of blue glazed tiles. While these are traditional, the repetitive design composed for each tile can be modern.

7. Mosaic tiles

Who wouldn’t love to see tiles of various shapes coming together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle? Mosaic tiles are cut in different forms and when they’re laid down together, they typically form a pattern or an image.


The material you choose for flooring will also depend on the environment of the room. Consider durability especially for rooms and spaces where dampness and moisture are a concern. For example, in a bathroom, anything would work except for carpet tiles.

And also consider the design inspiration of the flooring. It needs to match the overall mood and vibes of your home. Do you need simple and minimalistic, or would colorful and patterned floor design for home be a better choice?

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