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6 Styles Of Paintings For Home Decor

Wall Art paintings refer to the physical expression of creativity that can be found in human societies and cultures.  Art is the most important part of your culture and community, as well as being a source of joy.  

Fundamental to the history of art, painting is an act of creativity that involves applying media to a flat surface. The artistic representation of the painting is done on a flat surface generally known as a canvas. In its most basic form, paint can be liquid, powdered, or in the form of a paste for example such as oil or watercolor paints. Painting techniques have evolved alongside the development of different tools and materials.

Most modern painters work with a model, which may be a live model, still life, or the landscape. They do sketch outdoors in summer and take photographs for use in their studios during the winter. From sketches and photographs, they create drawings on paper from which to work. Some sculptors work from memory or imagination.

The home decor destination has a slew of affordable options that are just as chic and striking as any high-end print. The perfect piece of  wall Art paintings can draw the design of a room together and add a pop of color or personality to otherwise neutral decor. Of course, as with all things home decor, you could spend a lot on art… but you don’t have to. Our selection of art is both wide and diverse, so even if you are looking for something with a specific style, there’s an excellent chance you can find it here. From abstract, modern, to still life, traditional, and more, we have plenty of artful pieces to choose from. Moreover, many of our choices are available in different proportions, allowing you to customize the look of your space.

Abstract Art

Abstract painting is a genre of art in which the artist expresses what he or she feels rather than tries to portray something that events and objects look like. Though it may seem simple, this style of art is usually a good bit more complicated than it seems. The process of creating abstract art has nothing to do with the subject itself or any recognizable likeness or form but instead involves the use of shape, color, form, and line.

Impressionism Painting

Impressionism style is the style of Wall Art paintings characterized by visible brush strokes, blended color, and the accurate illustration of natural light. Here were several contributing factors to rising Impressionism: The importance of direct experience with nature in light of poor weather that plagued much of France in the 1860s, increased access to paints and canvases, and a growing community of artists eager to experiment with new techniques.

Cubist Style Painting

Cubism was an influential modern art movement that made total abstraction the prominent feature of its artwork. The term, Cubism, comes from the fact that one could view the painting from many different points in space, and therefore get a sense of it as an actual object. Concepts such as perspective and depth were heavily manipulated, and some artists even tried to make a painting with just two or three colors. Cubism created a truly revolutionary style of modern art that brought a whole new meaning to what beauty actually is.

Expressionism Painting 

Expressionism art is a considerable deal, more varied, with different fine artists around the world using this painting style to portray their emotions. This art explores the Painter’s emotions through his efforts, rather than focusing on how it shows up to others from an outside point of view. Pieces are often heavily stylized, abstract, and nonconformist, and when creating this style of work, the artist tends to emphasize color and brush strokes over realistic imagery.

Landscape Painting

Traditionally, landscape-style paintings are a visual characterization of the natural beauty we find in nature. They remind us of what it is to be alive. Not only do they represent nature visually, but they can also take us back to a real place we’ve visited emit to a place we’ve never been. From mountains and hillsides to streams and rivers; from thick forests to the bottom of an ocean, landscape art provides the viewer with a window into the painter’s interpretation of nature.

Traditional Painting

Traditional Wall Art paintings is the art of everyday life, rooted in and reflective of the cultural and social life of a community. They’re passed along informally within families, communities, and generations. Traditional artists are part of the folk culture — they aren’t necessarily famous or prosperous. In fact, many people assume that these skills are so easy that anyone could do them.


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