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Wall designing is undoubtedly an essential step in the bedroom renovation process. Artistic pieces can surely bring colors to your place. If you feel that your room looks boring or unfurnished due to a lack of home décor ideas, simply add a creative art display by opting for aesthetic paintings or wallpaper. This guide explains painting for living room in detail.

The bedroom is a private space; embellish your place as per your artistic sense. People often hire interior designers to  enhance their house interior design . Typically, designers focus on the owner’s views and ideas during the bedroom renovation process. While revamping your place, consider the size and area of your room.

How Can Abstract Painting Beautify Your Room?

Bedroom design with abstract art will surely brighten up your room by indicating a variety of moods. Incorporation of the beautiful paintings depicts your style, whether rustic, traditional, or modern. The most beautiful thing about abstract art is that it is always open for interpretation. 

People feel that it gives them the freedom to explore artistic beauty, and it’s suitable for cherishing me-time thoughts. Typically, people love to place them in their rooms to enrich their aesthetic sense. Check out some most beautiful abstract paintings for your bedroom renovation.

Basic Rules of Bedroom Decoration

Just like painting for living room you can also use wall arts for your bedroom. before you start here are some basic rules. let’s discuss.

  • Primarily, to enhance the looks of your room, you need to decor 60% of your walls and leave the remaining area as it is.
  • Make sure that the sizes of your paintings are around 40% of the width of the sofa.

Things to Consider

Before bedroom renovation using abstract paintings, bear in mind some necessary factors.

  • Focus on proportions.
  • Choose some unfinished but artistic pieces.
  • Explore other than famous artists’ work.
  • Never limit yourself.
  • Experiment with different themes.

Be a Curator Yourself

Using some easy techniques, you can embellish your place with beautiful art pieces without hiring any designer. Check out various aesthetic articles for your bedroom ideas regarding your choice.

  • Colors and Size

One thing that matters a lot while selecting painting for living room is color and size. Colorful and oversize pieces are indeed a perfect option to revamp your space. Captivating art composition, including fluid, painterly, and geometry, can add depth to space. Stick to those colors which are already present in your room. Choose an artistic element with the ground color of your room and complement your space. Pick the wall art paintings that reflects the hue of your bedding or sofa upholstery.

  • Natural Light

Before choosing any decorating ideas for your bedroom, focus on the lighting, especially the natural light. If your bedroom is small or has a window, make sure the painting is not directly exposed to the sunlight. Otherwise, your art pieces with raw canvas will deteriorate. Choosing the canvas having acrylics or oil paints is preferable, as they can survive in sunlight exposure and do not fade.

  • Consider the Ceiling

For the rooms with a ceiling, a painting with vertical elements is a perfect idea for room decoration. Line elements can enhance a strong visual statement and give your place a more enchanting look. If your room has an extremely high ceiling, select some large paintings that can match the height of your room. 

Mostly, professional designers recommend hanging the painting at least 60 inches from the floor or in the center of the wall. But if your room is small with a high ceiling and you want to hang a large piece, you can hang it 15 to 18 inches above the floor.

  • Consider the Darkness

Typically, in small rooms, there is no direct sunlight. With luminous abstract art with a reflective quality, you can smoothly enlighten your space and enhance the ambient light. Subtly colorful acrylic art with a bright palette enhances the gleaming look of the room. During the bedroom renovation, you can also hang something having a glossy aluminum surface. 

  • Companion Art

Another straightforward way to choose painting for living room is to give a companion to your art. You can even stack them vertically or hang them side by side or display them on a piece of furniture or a doorway. Your room will look more balanced and intentional by adding a pair of artistic beauty. Make sure the framing and size of both paintings are consistent. By doing so, the artwork will look like a cohesive set even if the form and colors of the compositions are different.

  • Contemporary Art

With a perfect blend of classic and modish art, you can effortlessly make your work easier during bedroom decoration. Classic mahogany furniture, gilded detailing, silverware accessories, porcelain accessories, and crystal-adorned lighting, and intricate carving can surely prettify the outlook of your space. You can even experiment by placing a trendy and modernized artwork within a relatively old-fashioned frame.

Final Thoughts

Abstract artwork makes your room appealing and attractive. During bedroom decoration, don’t fill every wall space with paintings. Having enchanting pieces will ultimately make you more observant, boost your self-esteem, stimulate your imagination and embellish your room beautifully.

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