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Country house and cottage living room style ideas for contemporary houses

Have you ever gone to a country house or a cottage uptown and have spent a few days there as a part of your vacation? If so then you know the feeling of warmth and coziness taking over you, is it the furniture in there that is making you feel these things? No, it is the pattern of how things are arranged and set before you, a décor that is done to make you awe and linger with ecstatic buzz over the place. Following the same ideas we can do interior design for living room of your home.

House Interior design is a tricky subject, if done right you can even turn your own place into any contemporary setting that you are looking for. You can turn your house into a luxurious destination, a flat setting, or give it a country house or cottage living room feel as well. Following are some of the best ideas out there that can help you turn your place around;

  • Hallway setting

Hallways usually act as the dumping grounds for your house as you can see all sorts of stuff lingering around, may it be your coats, hats, keys, or even mail items mixed up with the rest of the stuff. You can better organize the whole thing up by putting up a shelf and or a crafted wooden rail to hang these items and to declutter your space. It would give a fresh and clean look to your hallways. And of course, if you are shooting for a cottage-style living room ideas then your hallway must have that wooden boot track to shove away those wooden shoes, the classic cottage-style hallway setting for you. 

  • Living room

If you want to go for a cohesive look for your living room design regarding a country house setting then by all means go for a sink-in sofa with cushions that have detailed patterns to make the whole thing homogenous. Also, there is no need to have proper shelving for your books, display items, or stuff neither you have to go all in to invest in proper storage space, simply showcasing all these items under a dusky soft task light is going to do the trick alright. This interior design for living room will give a unique look.

  • Use shaker cabinetry in the kitchen

If you want a timeless look in your kitchen design regarding a cottage home setting then you have to go for the classic shaker cabinetry. Vintage sideboards, tables, and racks in your kitchen should also be wooden and crafted with intimate patterns to complete a cottage home setting. 

You can find it either in the flea market or a little hunting online might do the trick for you. If you can find the whole deal in classic cream color or rustic wood that looks bolder and old then know that you have nailed your kitchen in accordance with a cottage home look. 

  • Turn your dining room around

It is possible to have a complete cottage-like look in your dining design but to be able to do that you would have to invest in complete wooden furniture that is rustic and lacks any and all kinds of finishing. Want to shoot for a cottage-like look your dining room furniture needs to be pure wood either made from light pine, rustic oak or even some painted wood would do. 

It will be bringing a fresh and earthly interior design for living room and dining area. It will definitely emerge out as a cottage or country house look for sure. Also to make the overall ambiance more cohesive and elementary in relation to the current cottage-wise setting that you have to try to go for a low pendant lighting and show off your crockery and important glassware around to complete the look. 

  • Cottage bathroom finish

When dealing with the cottage home décor ideas for your place one thing is of the utmost importance and that is to make sure that you are incorporating as much natural untreated wood into the place as possible. It typically lifts the whole thing from the ground up and offers a rather charming and rustic feeling of a country house lifestyle and décor. Try to fill up your bathroom design with scented candles, fluffy towels and wooden artifacts hanging around plus a really nice and central bathtub with enough natural light seeping in would do the trick just fine. 

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters in interior design for living room is your execution with the stuff or how serious you are with incorporating a certain theme inside your place. It might be a little work, in the beginning, trying to take care of these small things and settings but the final look would most definitely be worth it.


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