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Five Landscaping trends that will transform your outdoor living spaces

Are you looking for the best landscaping ideas for your garden? Master gardeners share their best tips for gardening in the coming decades. Plants will be more valuable than ever, as fresh food and medical supplies become harder to find and community stability dwindles as emergency responses topple from under them. Make sure to have an emergency garden plan in place before it is too late. Plants are not only aesthetically pleasing but are vital to humans as a source of food and fuel. 

With the increasing pressure of population on land, it is more important than ever to utilize small-scale gardening as an essential way to sustain oneself in a post-apocalyptic future. The main methods of low-maintenance landscaping consist of using plants that are drought tolerant and self-sustaining. These popular plants consist of shrubs, perennials, ground covers, vines, and trees which require little to no watering. Research has shown that when combining the elements of plant communities, a gardener’s goal can be achieved even with a smaller budget or with limited garden time. 

landscaping ideas ideas always impact your outdoor living project. They provide inspiration and direction and can be integrated into all aspects of the landscape. Here are five trends that provoke your creativity and create the most immersive outdoor entertaining environment possible.

Amplify your Garden Space 

With daily commutes and hectic schedules, gardening may seem like yet another thing on the “to-do” list. Yet fresh herbs or homegrown tomatoes can keep us connected to nature and provide a needed element of self-care in an otherwise chaotic world. 

If a resident is looking to add some greenery to their new design home, container gardens or green walls are great options. With garden boxes, residents do not need to change the plot they live in permanently. With passive energy strategies in place, residents can create microclimates by situating their garden beds in areas that get sunlight and collecting rainwater. Other passive strategies (such as green roofs) can also be implemented. The green walls are an attractive and sustainable way to keep a living wall of oxygen-producing greenery thriving in your new design home or office.

Continued Interest In Kitchen Gardens 

Maybe you started a garden ideas of using all your homegrown bounty yourself but now find all that fresh produce tempting, overwhelming, and more than you can use on a regular basis. The latest trend in landscaping is a phenomenon we predict will take hold in 2022 as consumers look to “work smarter, not harder” in the coming years: culinary gardens. Culinary gardens are an extension of the many small-space food gardens that emerged across the country in the recent economic boom. 

The addition of plants to kitchens has grown in recent years. The popularity of herb gardens is growing as busy top home design owners seek a less hectic way to garden and work toward growing healthier, more balanced lives. Herbs are simple to grow, require little maintenance and can be used frequently in cooking or for drinks.

The idea of a kitchen herb garden may seem like an exotic idea to some, but when most people think of an organic garden they often think of herbs first. Herb gardens are a great way to introduce gardening to children, and they are also the perfect stepping stone to full-fledged vegetable gardens. In addition, herbs like basil, mint, and thyme are resilient, making them an excellent choice for simplifying your landscaping plans. 

Seeking Out More Echo-Friendly Practices 

As the world’s population continues to grow and lifestyle options increase, even the smallest living spaces are getting fresher, smarter, and more sustainable―and that includes our living and working environments. 

Fostering a garden filled with natives provides the ability to harness the earth’s natural resources and requires less maintenance than traditional gardens. Factors like climate, soil, environment, and light all play a role in what types of plants will thrive. Invasive species can disrupt and damage the local ecosystems. 

Xeriscape landscaping ideas use natural designs and materials in landscapes to reduce the need for irrigation and water. The latest designs use native plants to further mitigate the landscape, as well as water retaining materials, irrigation systems with smart controls, and new low-tech materials such as preformed concrete stepping stones with inlaid patterns.

Stormwater from sidewalks, roofs, and paved surfaces is a major source of pollution in our waterways. To ensure that pollutants do not result in flooding or create water quality problems, we utilize stormwater management practices to facilitate the reduction of stormwater runoff. By effectively managing stormwater at the point of origin through proper drainage and landscaping techniques, in concert with other environmental responsibility initiatives, we are able to protect the local environment, improve water quality, and reduce negative impacts on our local waterways. 

Pet-Friendly Upgrade 

People will make changes to their top home design and yards to support the addition of a dog or dogs. Most people bring home dogs during a time of crisis, such as the recent recession and pandemic. The dog needs to be one of the family, so we want them to have areas where they can mingle with other family members as well as their owner. Synthetic grass is a much easier alternative than grass types with irrigation or watering as it is easily maintained with a hose and requires less maintenance. 

Further Investment In Outdoor Entertaining Spaces 

The patio is multifunctional, not just for the family grilling on Sundays but for adults to host cocktail parties or weekend get-togethers. Outdoor kitchens are the newest trend in outdoor living and are convenient for entertaining and cooking meals. Designed to be a focal point of the room, outdoor kitchens include a bar and seating space as well as ample storage and counter space for food prep. Follow these landscaping ideas and enjoy the outdoor party with your friends and family.


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