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7 awesome wall art concepts for your home

interior design at home is incomplete without wall art. Regardless of the color and pattern, plain walls can look boring. Whether you’re selecting a photograph or painting, wall art can instantly add personality to any space. The only thing you need to keep in mind is your budget. And within those limitations, you can give the walls in your home the makeover they need.

So let’s get started.

1. Setting the theme and color

The theme and color will speak to the overall mood of interior design at home. So before getting wall paintings for your home, you need to be sure of what it looks and feels like. If your space is small, it’s better to go with lighter colors. And if it’s large, you can easily paint the walls in darker shades too.

Below are two simple color schemes to help you configure your walls:

  • Monochromatic: A single color, multiple hues and shades can be used for the walls. So if you’re having black walls, you can easily add tones of grey and white side by side. So suppose you have a dark blue wall, you can add wall art elements that are in hues of the same shade.
  • Bi-chromatic: A scheme composed of two colors. These are usually two hues that look great together. You could create a complementary color scheme with two colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel.

The color you pick will also have a psychological effect. Colors like blue and green (cool ones) create a soothing atmosphere. Whereas warm colors create a cozy and vibrant atmosphere – red, orange, yellow, etc.

2. Select similar types of artworks

What do you love most during the process of interior design at home? Artworks can vary according to the subject and the media in which they have been made. You can pick drawings or paintings, framed or unframed pieces, and even in sizes.

Keeping a set theme in mind will help you select artworks faster. Below are a few examples of picking out art pieces for your home:

  • Black and white 
  • Oil paintings
  • Graphite drawings
  • Modern artworks
  • Abstract paintings

To execute a proper Wall art paintings display, make yourself limited to one type of media. For instance, you can keep oil paintings in the living room. And perhaps select a couple of graphite drawings for your bedroom and so on and so forth for the rest of the rooms in your home.

3. Pick and combine cloth wall-hangings

Apart from paintings and photographs, you can purchase wall-hangings too. These can be anywhere from giant tapestries to smaller pieces. They can be handwoven, hand-painted, or even printed. See-through wall-hangings made of lace can be hung as is, or you can even place them over artworks hung on the wall. They’ll act like tiny curtains – adding to the suspense of the masterpieces behind them!

4. Get a mural painted on your wall

A mural painting is done directly on the wall. It covers a large area in your house interior design, and it could be anything from a full-fledged scenic painting to an illustrative style of artwork. One of the traditional examples of a mural painting is a fresco painting. 

If you don’t want a mural painted over your wall, you can select a huge painting for interior design at home. One big artwork will have a prominent effect and in the modern world, it doesn’t have to be a painting. You could even get an illustration made along with one of your favorite quotes.

6. Install shelves and place artworks

Although wall art goes directly on the walls, that doesn’t always have to be the case. You can also install shelves made of wood or other material and place artwork on them. These could be frames with stands that can be placed on top of the shelves. 

You can also place statues on the shelves instead of framed artworks. Try making the space more diverse by adding other things against the wall. You could even hang one giant artwork on the wall and place other tiny frames and statuettes on slabs that you’ve installed.

7. Mix and match with mirrors

You can combine some home décor ideas and match different elements on the wall together. Below are a few decorating ideas to create a mix-and-match wall art display with mirrors:

Mirrors, photographs and paintings

Do you love the artworks so much that you wish to multiply their visual effects and ambiance? Get multiple mirrors in various sizes and shapes. You can hang paintings on one wall and mirrors on the one opposite to the artwork.

Hang mirrors along with plants

Place mirrors on the walls and surround them with plants. These don’t have to be real, they could be faux string ones that will create alluring drops from the top to bottom edges of the mirror.


Combining all the above interior design at home idea may cost you a lot. Especially if you’re repainting the walls, it’s better to tone down the decorations. Don’t overspend, only select a few items that you think would complement the color of your walls. 


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