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The Pantone Color Institute nominates painting colours every year since 2000. It is a trend observation instead of a forecast, as they are keen to point out a trend color. However, its revelation impacts the domains of interior and decor. Pantone’s hue specialists examined the color trends and their influence on the people from entertainment, artwork, fashion, design, travels, and other lifestyle references to arrive at a color that captures top worldwide trends.

About Pantone

Pantone is a department of color that provides the color matching system and represents different tones of painting colours in the numbering system with C, U, and M suffix. The C, U, and M are referred to as coated, uncoated, and Matte, respectively. The solid palette of Pantone consists of 1,114 colors and is the most popular palette of Pantone, which is used by a massive number of industries and designers worldwide. Pantone also has a textile and plastic palette.

Pantone’s team has been working successfully to introduce colors every year and describe the sense, emotions, and psychology of colors. They serve as a source of inspiration and color-trend for various industries, including fashion, home interiors, graphic designers, and painters.

Very Peri

Very Peri, periwinkle blue and a violet-red combination, has been named the Color of the Year for 2022. In the previous years, the year’s color was typically a general color, but now the trends are consistently changing, and people are coming closer to the new mixture colors. Pantone’s staff created this color due to last years’ intense isolation, claiming that it brings newness and optimism to people all across the world.

Influence of Very Peri 

When Panton announces the color of the year, it gains a lot of importance. The impact of this annual painting colours could alter the fashion and fabric industry trends. Designers use these color trends in fabricating and printing apparel. This annual color’s influence can be seen in the painting, graphics, distinct brand creative logos, and digital media.

To reflect these influences, the institution combined blue (a color associated with loyalty and consistency) with a tinge of red (associated with vitality and enthusiasm) to create an unexpectedly warm blue tone that symbolizes innovation and a new beginning.

Very Peri in Home Decor

PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri, indicative of new modernism, infuses a sense of playful freshness into home décor, illuminating a space with unexpected color combinations. Very Peri is a dynamic hue that energizes our passion for art. It works well with various materials, fabrics, and finishing touches, adding a pop of color to a painted surface, statement furniture, or home decor, or acting as a fascinating and eye-catching tone in a sequence.

Source: Home Interior

Very Peri is not only a flexible painting colours, but it also has a periwinkle blue foundation that is fantastic for generating a sense of ease and tranquillity, making it ideal for places like the living room, bedroom, or study room. After you’ve settled on the space and color scheme that’s best for you, the following step is to select whether or not to paint one or more of your home walls. A simple color accent can sometimes be enough to give a room a fresh twist, so start with one and see how you like it before moving on to the rest.

Why Did Pantone Select An Entirely New Color?

The creation of a new color for 2022 was indicative of the changes taking place in the world right now, following a period of severe isolation and uncertainty. The desire to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, environmental concerns, and a greater grappling with unfairness and inadequacies within our current societal structures affected the choice of experts about Very Peri, as they made last year’s choice of two colors, Ultimate Gray and the sunny yellow Illuminating.

The concept of newness also refers to the growing relevance of the virtual world, as evidenced by the advent of the Metaverse, recreational activities such as VR gaming and sports, and the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Because blue light is most commonly associated with technology and modernism in popular science fiction, Very Peri was chosen to show a time when our real and online lives are clashing. 

Very Peri in Fashion Statement 

The year’s color emerges in every fashion and style industry department when the Pantone color institute reveals the year’s bloom. Very Peri is a pearl tone with dimension and equal luminosity that is attractive enough to be fit for everyone in any form. In fact, without paying attention to global fashion trends or consulting any forecasts, designer Mrunalini Rao claims to have unintentionally developed two collections this year that this lovely painting colours dominated.

“A well-tailored sheath dress could potentially look gorgeous only because of the color.” A stylish and simple dress with exaggerated sleeves I’d like to see in this color for the next season.”

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