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12 Popular Wall Paint Colours for Your Indian Home

Wall paint colours have a profound impact on how our rooms look. The colour of the walls tells a story about us and forms an integral part in making our home unique. While bright, vibrant wall painting may appear to be the norm today, there are other stylish alternatives that you could try out too.Stay with us to know more about paint colours ideas for home.

Explore some popular wall paint colours trends of India.

  • Blue 

If you are looking for a fresh and modern paint colours ideas for home, you could choose from an array of blues from the colour spectrum. From sky blue to navy, there is a range of options available in this hue. You could also opt for a combination of contrasting colours such as light blue and yellow or blue with peach in order to add a bit of warmth to the ambience.

Popular Ranges: Dulux Almond Inocence, F&B Peach Peachy Cream, Diamond Emerald Green/Sapphire Blue, Orient Emerald Blue, Asian Paints Morocco Breeze etc.

  • Grey

These days,While searching paint colours ideas for home, it is hard to miss the dominance of grey in interior design. This neutral colour has emerged as a popular choice primarily because it is effortless and goes with almost any other hue that you pair it up with. Irrespective of the kind of furniture you have at home, this colour will blend well with all kinds of interiors. It is a big bonus that this colour also helps to enhance the look of spaces with less light.

Popular Ranges: Dulux Almond Inocence, F&B Grey Mist, Orient Iron Ore, Diamond Iron Ore/Charcoal, Asian Paints Glacier Grey etc.

  • Brown

Brown has been the most preferred wall paint colour in India for a long time now. It comes across as a homely and warm hue that is not too bright or dark, making it an ideal choice for Indian homes.

Popular Range: Dulux Golden Oak, Botanica Cocoa Spice/Nutmeg Spice, F&B Indian Sandstone etc.

  • White

If you are looking for a clean and classy look, white is the best shade of wall paint colour to opt for. It also makes small spaces appear bigger as it reflects light. You could keep it plain or add a few decorative elements such as dabs of colours here and there so as not to make the walls too monotonous.

Popular Ranges: Dulux Swiss Coffee/Sophistica, F&B Pearl White, Asian Paints Silk White, Diamond Almond Cream etc.

  • Green

Today, you can find plenty of paint colours ideas for home with different variants of green. The hue is a popular pick in the interiors market these days.

Popular Ranges: Dulux Lime Tree Green, Diamond Emerald Green/Sapphire Blue, Asian Paints Jungle etc.

  • Orange

Not a very common choice in India, orange is definitely an out-of-the-box colour for the walls. It instantly stands out and adds a zing to any space thus creating a cosy atmosphere.

Popular Ranges: Dulux Tangy Orange, Botanica Watermelon/Watermelon Charm, Asian Paints Rose Tangerine etc.

  • Pink

Pink is one of the most loved colours in India especially among women! The colour adds a feminine touch to interiors and can be used with white or grey for a sophisticated look.

Popular Ranges: Diamond Hot Pink, Orient Dusky Rose/Brick Red, Botanica Raspberry Crush etc.

  • Yellow

Yellow is a great option for Indian homes as it brings warmth and sunshine into the rooms along with a feeling of freshness. It can be used on its own or in combination with any other shade to add an interesting detail to the walls.

Popular Ranges: Dulux Sunny Pearl, Orient Peach/Apricot, Botanica Golden Mango etc.

  • Black and White

This is a popular colour combination and paint colours ideas for home in India for both commercial and residential spaces. The black and white combo creates an aura of sophistication and elegance without looking too loud or overwhelming the space it graces. These days, you get plenty of options to choose from when it comes to both black and white paint shades.

Popular Ranges: Dulux Imperial Black, Diamond Supreme Charcoal/ Denim Blue etc.

  • Green and Grey

One of the most popular colour choices among the youth today is the green-grey combination that has seen its popularity rise dramatically in recent times. An easy choice for an Indian home, this combination is a great way to add appeal, character and style to your space.

Popular Ranges: F&B Indigo Blue, Dulux Emerald Green/Charcoal, Orient Emerald/ Mist etc.

  • Blue and Grey

Blue shades have been popular in India for a long time now but pairing it up with grey has become the latest trend. The combination is perfect for bringing in a sense of calm and serenity along with sophistication to interiors.

Popular Ranges: Vatika Chrome, Dulux New Denim Blue/Grey Mist etc.

  • White and Grey

If you are looking for something that is chic, stylish yet subtle, a white-grey combination would be the best option for you. It allows you freedom to add in layers of fun and interesting elements such as bright artwork with pops of colour without making too much noise on the walls.

Popular Ranges: Dulux Glacier/China Clay, F&B Neutral Grey etc.


Choosing the right paint colours for home can be a daunting task especially when you have so many options to choose from. However, with the Indian homes trending more towards quirky yet classy designs these days, it is now easier than ever to experiment with shades and combinations. The key is to not restrict yourself to one particular idea or try too hard to stick to a particular theme. Keep it simple, elegant and stylish by trying out different colour options you can derive inspiration from your home interiors for colour combinations.

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