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Bathroom Storage Ideas: 7 Cool Hacks That Help You Create More Space

Not all of us in our modern homes enjoy a huge, luxe bathroom like the ones visible on Pinterest. But should that hinder us from living well? Certainly not! Lets share some amazing bathroom storage ideas to create more space.

The magic lies in presenting creative storage units in the bathroom, which makes hygiene and organization as easy as a breeze. 

Definitely, for the longest time, traditional bathrooms have ignored this functional solution. But shift this particular aspect and you will instantly see a visible improvement.

Our useful design solutions will enable you to transform even the tiniest bathroom space into a clutter-free, organized haven. So, let’s get started! 

  1. Bathroom Vanity

Nothing’s better than a bathroom vanity featuring under-the-sink cabinets. Such units allow you to accommodate additional bath products, cleaning supplies, and more in a clean manner. 

Many brands are offering readymade units or you can custom build your own with a plumber and carpenter. But make sure that the unit is away from the shower and the material is waterproof.

An expert tip: You can purchase a wall-hung vanity that clears floor space for cleaning and makes tiny bathrooms look huge. 

  1. Recessed Shelves or Wall Niches

Since most bathroom design is compact, storage with the concept of wall niche – either covered or open – is ideal. It neatly stores all things inside the wall and cancels the need for storage units that hinder or protrude the bathroom space. Furthermore, unlike a vanity, wall niches can be employed to store and display the basics.

An expert tip on bathroom storage ideas: The Wall niche can be defined by a poignant frame or patterned tiles. Add vases, tiny planters, or fun decor for a cool value. For closed niches, utilize glass shutters or mirrors as these offer a spacious vibe.

  1. Overhead Storage

Don’t know how to store the many towels, bath products, and cleaning supplies? Install an overhead storage on top of the bathroom decor. This waterproof unit can be closed or open – either way, all bath supplies will be tucked away. 

An expert tip: For small bathrooms, the depth of this unit should vary from 12-15 inches. To place a creeper plant, add a corner shelf in the unit. 

  1. Mirror with a Hidden or In-built Storage

This is among classic bathroom storage ideas, but unlike the old and hideous plastic units, the latest ones pair storage and mirrors creatively. Ideal for storing routine essentials and medicines, this concept tucks away all the clutter in tiny bathrooms. 

An expert tip: Solutions with seamless mirrors not only appear sophisticated, but also create a minimal and neat aesthetic to make the bathroom feel roomy. 

  1. Shelves on Top of Toilet

Make the wall above the toilet to good use with storage solutions or units – think glass shelves, floating shelves, or an open box. 

This is a central and perfect spot to accommodate toilet rolls, hand towels, and bath products, along with quirky decor items like vases.

An expert tip: If your bathroom is compact, opt for transparent shelves or slim profiles for the unit. Match the shade of the unit with the wall tiles and guarantee that the depth is similar to the toilet tank.

  1. Baskets

This idea doesn’t demand any major structural changes. Just add strong baskets on the bathroom sink, window sill, or hang them on the towel rack. Baskets are ideal for storing routine and additional products – toilet rolls and towels.

An expert tip: Choose waterproof wicker baskets for a textural and natural look. You can even paint baskets in any shade for customization.

  1. Corner Shelves or Ladders 

Place a ladder-type unit on the AC water tank or attach a corner rack at one end of the bathroom. This is where you can arrange bath products with quirky decor details.

An expert tip: Take hang wire baskets and a standard ladder on top of each slot to develop a budget-friendly, DIY storage solution for your bathroom. 

Wrapping it Up

This bathroom storage ideas guide help us on making more space in your bathroom. All of these ideas are equally great for rental home bathrooms, current bathrooms, and storage designs you can present in renovation. 

Your choice for the storage design should reflect the amount of space you require, budget, and your aesthetic sense. Don’t forget to add a touch of your innovation and personality in the storage concept you end up choosing. 

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