Living Room Design

10 Best Wall Tiles Design For Living Room

The core of your house is the living room, where you spend time with your family, entertain visitors, and chill. Choosing the best wall tiles design for living room that complements your taste, style, and personality is quite difficult. But, no worries, we are here to help you out in selecting the best wall tiles design for your living room. In addition to shielding your walls from stains, dampness, and scratches, wall tiles may give your living room color, texture, pattern, and character. We have come up with the top 10 living room wall tile designs that will be popular in India in 2024.

Best Wall Tiles Design For Living Room

Several factors have been considered to list the best wall tiles design for living room like the color and style of the tiles, the layout and orientation, the material of the tiles, etc. Go through these wall tile designs and choose your desired design to elevate your living room experience.

1. Wooden wall tile design

2. Geometrical-wall tile design

3. Organic wall tile design

4. Alder brown wall tile design

5. 3D wall tile design

6. Beige-toned wall tile design

7. Monochrome wall tile design

8. Stone wall tile design

9. Black and White Marble wall tile design

10. Herringbone Drawing wall tile design

1. Wooden Wall Tile Design

The best wall tile design for your living room would be the Wooden wall tile design due to its classy look. If the ceiling in your drawing room is high with a marble floor, choose this wall tile design. The sensual vertical wooden wall tiles in your drawing room provide an ultra-chic effect that contrasts beautifully with the marble floor, delicate accessories, and living room decor. The vertical panel of this tile adds a classic, understated elegance that is always in style making it one of the best wall tiles design for living room.

Your drawing room walls will look lovely and your house will be more appealing with a combination of light and dark wood tones. These straightforward wall tile designs are a popular option since they are simple to clean. These tiles not only increase interior drawing room style but also improve functionality because they are resistant to frost and moisture.

2. Geometrical-Wall Tile Design

The focal point of a stylish and modern living area is geometry. An accent wall that is both straightforward and powerful is created by carefully positioning geometrical shapes like hexagons on the wall of your living room. Your walls will have more visual depth and appeal because geometric patterns focus the eye and give the space a purpose. Geometric tiles can be utilized as an accent, pop, or feature in the room to offer visual contrast and harmony, which balances your area with pattern thereby making it one of the best wall tiles design for living room.

Geometric and patterned wall tiles may provide elegance to a modern home, whether they are used as a delicate canvas or as a strong focal wall. To achieve the ideal effect, it’s advisable to choose wall tiles with subtle geometrical patterns for your drawing room and to keep the décor and other elements simple.

3. Organic Wall Tile Design

Natural shapes, materials, and hues are highlighted in the interior design trend known as “organic wall tile design.” It is influenced by the organic patterns and shapes that may be seen in rocks, water, plants, and animals. The goal of organic wall tile design is to create a peaceful, comfortable space that blends in with the surroundings. Due to this reason, it is considered one of the best wall tiles design for living room. 

Applying an organic wall tile design for your living room enhances the aesthetic appeal and value of your property as it gives a distinctive and exquisite style that contrasts with traditional tiles. Moreover, since it is made of natural, eco-friendly materials devoid of pollutants and dangerous chemicals, it can enhance the comfort and purity of the air within your house thereby providing a peaceful environment that lowers stress and elevates mood.

4. Alder Brown Wall Tile Design


Alder Brown tiles are the solution if you’re searching for wall or flooring choices to brighten up your living room. When compared to standard wooden tiles, these tiles are straightforward and twice as easy to clean. The best thing about these tiles is that they don’t need to be polished every now and then. Their neutral and adaptable shade ensures they go well with a wide range of furniture, flooring, and decor styles making it one of the best wall tiles design for living room.

Also, they have a matte finish and a genuine wood grain design, which can give your walls more depth and texture. Its warm, earthy tone goes well with wooden items and furniture. Because it provides a high-quality product at a fair price, it is both durable and reasonably priced.

5. 3D Wall Tile Design

Wall tiles with a three-dimensional appearance that mimic different patterns and materials are known as 3D wall tiles. These cutting-edge, contemporary tiles may give your living room personality and flair. When compared to other rooms, your living room can remain amazing with 3D wall tile designs. Moreover, they may imitate a variety of textures and materials, including metal, stone, wood, and cloth.

These designs give the interior areas an innovative texture and visual balance. Moreover, they offer a powerful decorative effect that makes for an eye-catching impression. They can add vibrancy and vitality to the appearance of your walls. Besides, installing them is both durable and simple and is also simple to clean and maintain. They’re economical and environmentally beneficial and are composed of recyclable vinyl that doesn’t release any toxic gases which is why it is one of the best wall tiles design for living room.

6. Beige-toned Wall Tile Design

Wall tiles with a neutral, warm, or cool color that varies from light cream to dark tan are known as beige-toned wall tiles. These stylish and adaptable tiles go well with a variety of living room designs and hues. Your living room feels warmer as well as peaceful due to its warm and welcoming ambiance, and ultimately enhance the overall experience. This is why it is considered as one of the best wall tiles design for living room.


Beige-toned wall tile designs blend very nicely with many kinds of furnishings, textiles, and accent pieces, allowing you greater freedom and artistic expression when designing your environment. Moreover, they improve the brightness and openness of your living area by reflecting natural light. Since they do not readily display dirt and stains, they are simple to keep and clean.

7. Monochrome Wall Tile Design

Monochrome wall tile design refers to the use of tiles with just one or two colors, typically grayscale or black and white. In addition to offering additional advantages, monochrome wall tiles can give your living space a dramatic and refined appearance. They can draw attention to the wall and make it stand out from the rest of the room in your living room by creating a contrast and focal point.

The best part of this type of wall tile design is that they are neutral and adaptable, so they go well with any color scheme and type of furniture. Moreover, as they reflect light and provide the impression of depth and dimension, they can give the appearance of additional space and light in your living room making it one of the best wall tiles design for living room.


8. Stone Wall Tile Design

Stone wall tile design is a technique that mimics several kinds of stones, including slate, sandstone, granite, and marble, by employing tiles with a rustic, natural look. They blend perfectly with many kinds of furnishings, textiles, and accent pieces, allowing you greater freedom and artistic expression when designing your environment.

In addition to this, stone wall tiles can improve the elegance and attractiveness of your living space and improve the brightness and openness of your living room by reflecting natural light. Furthermore, they are made from a noble and superior material that endures for a long time, they increase the value of your property making it one of the best wall tiles design for living room.


9. Black and White Marble Wall Tile Design

Black and white is one of the greatest color combinations that is loved by most people. These wall tiles give your room the perfect gloss or dimension to reflect light and add interest. They also make your area appear larger. A marble wall tile with a black and white pattern is among the most exquisite and costly natural stones that can raise the appeal and value of your home, therefore it adds luxury and value. It is also one of the stylish floor tiles for kitchens due to its attractive look.

You can create an impact in any space with its unique and potent design base thanks to its creative veining. The theme is completed by adding light-colored furniture, curtains, and an eye-catching cabinet. Your living room interiors will seem gorgeous with these creative black-and-white tile design concepts.

10. Herringbone Drawing Wall Tile Design

Herringbone Drawing Wall Tile Design is a good design that can suit well for your living room. Rectangular tiles used in a zigzag pattern make up the Herringbone Drawing Wall Tile Design style of tiling arrangement. Because of its sophisticated and classic appearance, it is a popular option for backsplashes, walls, and floors.

Herringbone pattern wall tiles work well in any style, whether you’re designing a modern or traditional room. Any surface is enhanced visually by the herringbone pattern’s refinement and complexity. It broadens a room, particularly when tiles are arranged diagonally. This gives the impression that the room is bigger and more roomy. Depending on the grout and tile color and style, it can be either modest or dramatic.