7 Best Tourist Places Near Pollachi!

Hey people! Are you looking for the no?! If yes, I’m sure you will get to know about them in this article! Pollachi itself is one of the best places that people often tend to visit during summer as it has got a pleasant climate throughout the year! In this article, I have discussed the seven best tourist places near Pollachi that would give you the best trip experience! Let’s dive into the article and get to know about each one of them!

Tourist Places Near Pollachi: All You Need To Know!

1. Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary

I would say that the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best tourist places near Pollachi that you must visit atleast once in your lifetime. It is a rich biodiversity that lies in the Western Ghats. The place was declared a tiger reserve in the year 1974, and it covers about 958 square kilometers of land.

Apart from tigers, it is an important ecological corridor for many species. It is named after former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who visited the park in 1961. The rich history of this sanctuary can be seen through its use for teak trees in the mid-1800s, and it was one of the first places in India to come under sustainable forest management as well.


Detail Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary
Distance from Pollachi  38 km
Location Anamalai Hills of Pollachi and Valparai taluks, Coimbatore District, and Udumalaipettai, Tamil Nadu
How to Reach
  • Nearest airport: Coimbatore International Airport (75 km).
  • Nearest railway: Pollachi (25 km).
  • By road: Bus/taxi from Pollachi.
Nearby Hotels to Stay
  • Ibex River Resort
  • Coco Lagoon
Nearby Restaurants
  • The Slaves
  • Hotel Gowri Krishna


Things To Do At Anamalai Sanctuary

  • Wildlife Sightings: There are over 500 species of birds including the Great Indian Hornbill and Grey-headed Fish Eagle.
  • Jungle Safari: Visit the sanctuary on a guided safari to see the animals in their natural habitat.
  • Elephant Ride: Experience the sanctuary with a unique view of the elephant’s backside.
  • Nature photography: Capture the wild beauty of the sanctuary’s flora and fauna.
  • Hiking: Explore a variety of scenery from grassy hills to waterfalls on foot.
  • Eco-Shop: Support local conservation efforts by purchasing souvenirs.
  • Bird watching: It is a paradise for bird lovers because of the variety of bird species.
Tourist Places Near Pollachi: Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary

2. Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

The Parambikulam Tiger Sanctuary is the next spot in our list of best tourist places near Pollachi. This reserve is located in the Western Ghats and is a sanctuary for tigers and many other wildlife species. The sanctuary covers an area of about 643.66 square kilometers, which is a part of the Anamalai subgroup of the Western Ghats.

Moreover, this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes since it has a diverse biodiversity and ecosystem. This tiger reserve has been ranked seventh among the others in India due to its effective management!


Detail Parambikulam Tiger Reserve
Distance from Pollachi Approximately 55 kilometers via SH19 and Sethumadai Road
Location Palakkad district of Kerala, accessible through Pollachi, Tamil Nadu
How to Reach
  • By road: Car or bus via SH19 and Sethumadai Road
  • Railway: Pollachi Junction (39 km away)
  • Airport: Coimbatore International Airport (96 km away)
Nearby Hotels
  • Tented Niche,
  • Treetop Hut, Honeycomb (within the reserve)
  • Serenity Guest House,
  • Sakthi River Resorts (near Pollachi)
Nearby Restaurants
  • Amutha Surabhi
  • S.P. Hotel
  • Taj Biriyani

Things To Do At Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

  • Jungle Safari: Explore the biodiversity of the conservation area with guided jungle walks.
  • Trekking: Enter a variety of hiking trails such as the Bear Trail, Pug Mark, or Elephant Song Trail.
  • Bamboo Rafting: Enjoy the tranquil waters of the reserve at bamboo rafting.
  • Bird watching: With over 250 species of birds, it is a paradise for bird enthusiasts.
  • Dams to Visit: See the picturesque beauty of Thunkadavu Dam and Parambikulam Dam.
  • Cultural Experience: Interact with the local tribes and witness their traditional dances.
Tourist Places Near Pollachi: Parambikulam Tiger Reserve


3. Valparai

Valparai is one of the best tourist places near Pollachi, a beautiful hill station. This place is situated at an altitude of 3,474 feet above sea level in the Anaimalai range of the Western Ghats, offering a cool and pleasing climate! This hill station has a rich history, which was first used for coffee plantations in 1846.

The town is surrounded by lush tea plantations and is also home to the Anamalai Tiger Reserve, which offers opportunities for wildlife viewing and nature walks. Valparai is packed with 40 hairpin curves, and offers adventure leading to this hill station is interesting as a destination!

Detail Valparai
Distance Approximately 65 kilometers from Pollachi
Location Hill station in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu, Western Ghats
How to Reach
  • By Road: Start at Pollachi, reach Aliyar, continue to Valparai.
  • By Train: Pollachi Junction Railway Station, 64 km away
Nearby Hotels
  • Wintel Wild
  • Manis Home Stay Valparai
Nearby Restaurants
  • Taj Biriyani
  • Amutha Surabhi

Things To Do At Valparai

  • Nallamudi Viewpoint: Enjoy breathtaking views of Anamalai hills and surrounding tea plantations.
  • Loam’s View Point: Visit Aliyar Dam and the scenic surroundings.
  • Coolangal River: Take a dip or just relax on the banks of the river.
  • Sholayar Dam: Drive up to the small bridge for a better view of the dam and surroundings.
  • Karamalai Annai Velankanni Church: Visit this serene temple surrounded by lush tea gardens.
Tourist Places Near Pollachi: Valparai


4. Monkey Falls

Monkey Falls is a scenic natural attraction that lies in the lush green Anamalai range. This beautiful waterfall is part of the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers to enjoy trekking and wildlife photography as well.

The falls are known for their refreshing waters and exciting hikes so walk through it. You can also take part in a guided walk organized by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department, which offers a unique opportunity to walk through evergreen forests surrounded by mountains. The entry fee for the waterfalls is just ₹30.

Detail Monkey Falls
Distance from Pollachi Approximately 27 km
Location On the Pollachi-Valparai road in the Anamalai Hills range
How to Reach Accessible by bus from Pollachi or by cab
Nearby Hotels
  • Vrindhavan Mist City
  • Elephant Passage
Nearby Restaurants

Things To Do At Monkey Falls

  • Treks: Explore the scenic trails around Monkey Falls, which offer opportunities to see local flora and fauna through trekking.
  • Natural shower: Take a dip in the cool waters, and natural showers of the falls, which are especially enjoyable in the warmer months.
  • Photography: Perfect for those who love nature photography, capturing the beauty of waterfalls and the surrounding green spaces.
  • Picnic: Enjoy a relaxing picnic with your family or friends in a peaceful setting near the waterfall.
  • Relaxation: Relax and soak in the silence of the falls just listening to the sound of the water.
  • Exploring nearby attractions: For a full-day trip, visit other attractions in the nearby areas like Aliar Dam, Arivu Thirukoil, or Anamalai Range.
Tourist Places Near Pollachi: Monkey Falls

5. Aliyar Dam

Aliyar Dam is one of the beautiful tourist places near Pollachi, which lies in the Anaimalai ranges of the Western Ghats. Aliyar Dam is not only an important source of irrigation, hydropower, and drinking water, but also a scenic spot where it is located is quiet and the center of entertainment.

The dam was constructed between 1959 and 1969 and was inaugurated by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1962. It is 6.48 km long. The reservoir itself is a gravity dam, with a height of 235 feet and a total capacity of 109.42 million cubic meters.

Detail Information
Distance from Pollachi Approximately 24 km
Location Foothills of Valparai, in the Anaimalai Hills
How to Reach By car via Pollachi-Valparai road, around 30 minutes
Nearby Hotels
  • Sakthi River Resorts
  • Hotel Madhava Inn
Nearby Restaurants
  • Sree Annapoorna
  • Shree Anandhaas

Things To Do At Aliyar Dam

  • Boating: Rent a boat and paddle around the lake and enjoy the scenery.
  • Fishing: Try your hand at fishing as there are a variety of fish in this pond.
  • Treks: Explore the nearby mountains and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.
  • Picnics: Have a family walk or picnic in the well-kept gardens and gardens.
  • Street Food: Sample local delicacies with the best street food nearby.
  • Night view: Enjoy the illuminated pool at night with a beautiful view of the sparkling water against the dark sky.
Tourist Places Near Pollachi: Aliyar Dam

6. Thirumoorthy Hills

Thirumurthy Hill is not only a place of natural beauty but also of immense spiritual significance. The Thirumurthy Temple is present at the foot of the hills near the Thirumurthy Dam. The temple is one of the famous tourist spots in the district attracting a lot of people from the city.

This spot is a well-known place to promote peace through regular yoga sessions, making it a place of stillness and relaxation. So why not visit the Thirumoorthy Hills, one of the best tourist places near Pollachi?!

Detail Information
Distance from Pollachi Approximately 38 km
Location Annamalai Hill ranges, Coimbatore district
How to Reach
  • By Bus: From Udumalpet (20 km away)
  • By Train: Pollachi Junction
  • By Air: Coimbatore International Airport
Nearby Hotels
  • The Mayberry Boutique Hotel
  • Poppys Vista Hotel
Nearby Restaurants
  • Kick Grass
  • Hotel Gowri Krishna
  • Aryabhavan Hotel

Things To Do At Thirumoorthy Hills

  • Visit Thirumurthy Temple: Explore the sacred Thirumurthy Temple in the valley below the mountains.
  • Enjoy Tirumurthy Falls: Witness the beautiful Panjalinga Aruvi or Tirumurthy Falls, best visited during summer or rainy season.
  • Treks: Take a hike and enjoy the lush greenery and scenery.
  • Photography: Take in the stunning landscape as well as the dam, which is a great spot for photography enthusiasts.
  • Cycling and Boating: Participate in outdoor activities such as local biking and boating.
  • Yoga Camp: Attend a yoga camp to relax and rejuvenate in peaceful nature.
Tourist Places Near Pollachi: Thirumoorthy Hills

7. Masani Amman Temple

If you are a religious person, then I would suggest you visit the Masani Amman Temple which is one of the best tourist places near Pollachi! The temple is known for its Dravidian architectural style and dates back to 1000 BC.

The temple’s annual Kundam Festival is an important event that attracts thousands of devotees with great enthusiasm to participate in the festival. So, that would be the best time to visit the temple.


Detail Masani Amman Temple
Distance from Pollachi Approximately 14 km
Location Anaimalai Village, near Pollachi, Tamil Nadu
How to Reach Bus, cab, or auto from Pollachi
Nearby Hotels
  • JM Lodge
  • Royal Cottage
  • Limra Residency
  • Ragams Holiday Inn
Nearby Restaurants
  • The Palm
  • The Slaves
  • Hotel Gowri Krishna


Apart from the tourist places in Pollachi, these seven places are the best ones that you can visit near Pollachi to have a wonderful experience! Enjoy the activities at these places with your family and friends!

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