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Stylish Pendant Light Ideas That Will Add Major Personality to Your Space

We all know that lighting can be pretty important in any setting, especially when you’re trying to create just the right mood for your property. And what better way to do so than with awesome statement pieces? lets discuss lighting ideas in detail.

We’ve compiled our favorite pendant lights of the moment that will help you to create the perfect mood for your space. From awesome vintage-inspired Edison pendants to sleek mid-century modern styles, let’s take a look at what these awesome light fixtures have in store for you. 

Poul Henningsen PH5 Pendant Lamp

The PH5 Pendant Lamp was designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958. It’s designed for Louis Poulsen Lighting and it is an iconic modern lighting ideas fixture. This lamp has a shade that’s layered with different shapes and sizes which allows it to direct the luminescence both vertically and horizontally, thus creating the perfect glow. The lamp is available in multiple finish options and chic colors, producing its own distinct ambiance for each one.

Modern Gesture Ndebele Necklace Pendant Light

With a sequence of natural birch rings that are wrapped in colored wax cords, Ndebele Necklace Pendant is inspired by African jewelry. You may keep all loops aligned or adjust the loops’ and according to your preferences. Modern Gesture, a stationery, homeware, and lighting organization established by Candice Lawrence who is based in Cape Town, South Africa, handcrafts the Ndebele Necklace Pendant. There are a few accent colors to choose from including indigo, teal, and emerald.

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Nadine 1 Light Single Schoolhouse Pendant

The Pendant Lamp’s lighting best design house is inspired from old-fashioned school best design house lamps and brings back memories from older times where people would hang their lamps by cords and not mount them on walls or tables like we do today. It comes in various colors and shapes for users to choose from depending on what matches best with their interiors. The clear glass dome allows for even distribution of light throughout the room instead of only downwards onto an area like other lights.

The Nomad Creations Nordic Wood Pendant Lights

This type of lighting ideas consist of color combinations including bold color and natural wood. They are very adaptable to different spaces with their multicolored hues, cords colors, and lamp sizes. 

West Elm Sphere & Stem Pendant

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling, but this one performs a balancing act with two spheres at different points on a brass pole. One of them points downwards while the other one points outwards, giving off plenty of dispersed light and adding chic simplicity to any room. You can either hang it alone as its own statement piece or pair it together in any dispersed light and add chic simplicity to any room. 

ROOMTON Veneer Lamp

This lamp can be described as architectural, inviting and modern. The complex detailing and simple shape of this fixture combines to make it much a sculpture as it is a pendant lamp.

Article Suru Large Pendant Lamp

The funky, sculptural shape of this large, hanging pendant lamp is formed by rattan weaving on a metal frame. This piece would be beneficial in any space for its casual feel and the beach vacation sensations it creates.

Kelly Wearstler Strada 20-Light Pendant

This type of lighting ideas has a metallic and shiny appearance that gives off a dramatic feel to any room. This type of lighting idea are completely modern, even with its vintage style; however, if this it’s used as the only source of lighting within a room then it will blend perfectly into an older home’s decoration scheme with its vintage or antique look. 

Ballard Designs Moravian Star Pendant

This lamp has many different aspects that make towards versatility. It is great for both modern and warm toned rooms because it can be framed in either brass or black metal, giving off a more contrasting effect when used with mercury glass. The geometric shape of the lamp also gives it an industrial look so this light fixture will go well in any expo or industrial space. 

Ballard Designs Franklin Glass Pendant

The modern Industrial Pendant Light is an updated version of the classic lamp, with a glass bell that hangs from a fabric-covered cord. The modern addition comes in three different shapes: jug, bell or cone – so it can fit into all kinds of contemporary homes easily. Add it to your kitchen for a retro look or to your dining room as separate pieces with ease. It’s adaptable and will fit into any best design house style you choose with ease.

All Modern Emil 1 Light Single Globe Pendant

This all-modern lighting fixture is a pendant light that could be brought into any room to make it look modern and chic. This two toned globe style has a matte black finish and comes with either clear or frosted shades which makes it great for living rooms, bathrooms, and home offices. If there is any other lighting ideas in your mind. we will be happy if you share with us about best design house.

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