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Dining room ideas to make it look bigger

A small space doesn’t mean you have to live with a cramped kitchen or dining room. When you’re pressed for living space, creating a dining area in your home can be tricky. Fortunately, if you don’t have a dedicated room to use as a dining area, it’s possible to carve out some additional space to eat. From rolling tables that can be moved easily out of the way to foldaway tables that rest against the wall when not in use, we’ve compiled some of our favorite small-space solutions for eating areas. Here are some kitchen design ideas that can make your dining area appear larger.

Round Table With Bench Seating

Dining Set is a versatile and convenient solution in kitchen design that comfortably seats two. While you may think that a small dining area would look out of place in an apartment, this round high-top table can be easily used in a variety of ways. This round table and bench set are an efficient use of a small space. Store the bench in the kitchen design, or all three pieces in the dining room when not in use. Combined with one or two other triples, it can help transform a bare corner into an elegant eating area. 

Use Stackable Chairs

If you have just a small amount of space to use, consider using this as an opportunity to create a dining area with built-in seating. Stack seating is a great way to fit a small dining space in. These stack seating options are ideal for homes with limited space or ideal for individuals needing to store these as extra seats aside from their dining table chairs.

Built-In Seating Shelves

With that storage and seating space combo, it’s easy to fill up your whole dining room with just one or two pieces of furniture. Think a curved banquette placed against one wall of the room, with a built-in bookcase at the end to provide even more seating.

Use Open Shelves

Take extra dishware off the counter and put it on display with these open storage shelves. You’ll have plenty of room to store plates or bowls, but you can also use them to show off decorative items like vases and books. Designed to fit in corners, they are great for making use of every inch of wall space you have. With pre-attached shelf pegs and hanger brackets, installation is easy.

Use Dual Purpose Furniture

Make the most of a small dining room with this portable folding desk/buffet. With a durable oak veneer top, this piece features integrated handles and three-sided wheels for mobility, making it easy to move out of the way when not in use. The angled legs are made from solid wood and provide extra support for the large tabletop surface. Offering attractive storage opportunities, two drawers and two cabinets leave plenty of room for silverware and napkins. This is the perfect desk to fit in a dining room or a corner of a bedroom. And can add a new look to your kitchen design.

Get A Bench

Looking for seating that can do more—and take up less space? The smart bench works as extra-roomy seating when you need it and tucks out of the way (and off the floor) so you don’t have to deal with bulky furniture.

Creating Booth

Banquettes in tight corners give you extra seating and storage in one. The compact banquette is the perfect addition to a small dining room. When not in use, the seat tops lift up to reveal deep storage under each bench.

Uplift Mirror

Mirrors are a fantastic tool for creating the illusion of more space. By reflecting both natural and artificial light, and tricking the eye into believing that space extends further than it does, a mirror can help even the smallest room feel deceptively large. The large rectangular mirror adds depth, dimension, and light to any space.

Utilize Your Kitchen Countertops

Creating a dining area in your kitchen can be done by adding bar stools in front of the counter space or by adding a small-scale kitchen design island in the middle of this space. Saving the most room, having a designated area for dining is just as important as it is to have a dedicated workspace. Adding table decor and appliances that are within arms reach will also save much-needed space.

Small Dining Room Wall Decor

The dining space is engineered to make entertaining a joy. Dark colors have a place in small dining room decor.  Artful light blue and white wall decor pairs perfectly with dark blue chairs and curtains to create one stylish setting. A long-lasting board and batten treatment is made possible by the use of easy-to-clean, mildew-resistant nylon blend material.

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