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10 Best Wall Painting Designs For Interior Spaces

Wall Paintings are essential to furnishing a living area that is both fashionable and welcoming. The ideal wall art selection may turn your living area into a gorgeous and elegant one that expresses your own preferences and sense of style. While paintings for your living room in a solid hue are one method to give it a new look, these wall painting ideas stand out with their striking patterns, striking colors, and intriguing textures. A few easy techniques can turn an average wall into a magnificent piece of art.

Eye-Catchy & Easy Wall Painting Designs For Living Room

1. Geometric Shaped Wall Painting Designs 

2. Mural Wall Painting Designs 

3. Ombre Wall Painting Designs 

4. Striped Wall Painting Designs 

5. Stencil Wall Painting Designs 

6. Watercolored Wall Painting Designs 

7. Textured Wall Painting Designs 

8. Polka Dotted Wall Painting Designs 

9. Bold and Bright Wall Painting Designs 

10. Metallic Wall Painting Designs 

1. Geometric Shaped Wall Painting

Geometric-shaped Wall Painting is one of the best ways to bring dimension and playfulness to your walls. To make the desired shapes, you can either freehand it or use a stencil. Adding interest to your walls may be done creatively and with fun using geometric designs. Painter’s tape can make clean lines, and stencils can create more complex designs. Hexagons, herringbones, and chevrons are popular geometric patterns you can opt for on your walls. Geometric designs complement contemporary and minimalist interiors beautifully and can be one of the best wall painting designs for hall.

Geometric shapes are a famous preference for wall painting designs because of their versatility, cutting-edge aesthetic, and potential to create visually attractive styles. Also, they frequently exude a feeling of modernity and contemporary design, geometric shapes are appropriate for both residential and commercial settings thereby enhancing the modern aesthetics. Since geometric patterns are adaptable to a wide range of styles, color schemes, and sizes, they can be utilized in a variety of design contexts. A setting that is harmonious and well-designed can benefit from the sense of balance and symmetry that geometric designs can offer.

2. Mural Wall Paintings

Another way to enhance your living room experience is with the Mural wall paintings which also have a long history. It dates back to the prehistoric era when humans utilized it as a means of self-expression and peer communication. Famous artists who created murals have left their mark, including Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. “The Creation of Adam,” which Michelangelo painted on the Sistine Chapel ceiling in the early 16th century, is among the most famous examples.

Mural wall paintings enhance the surroundings and promote a feeling of community pride and ownership. They tell tales, honor cultural traditions, and depict historical occurrences. Moreover, they are effective mediums for communicating political and social themes and also turn boring walls into visually stimulating experiences. There are several types of Mural wall paintings like Fresco Murals, Graffiti Murals, and Digital Murals which you can consider for your living room and have a pleasant view of these paintings.


3. Ombre Wall Paintings

A gradient of colors, usually varying from one shade to another, is used in ombre wall painting patterns. This method produces a color blend that is aesthetically pleasing and smooth, frequently having a fading appearance. Ombre walls are a popular choice when it comes to wall painting ideas. The slow transition of colors on ombre walls produces an amazing visual impact and for a more dramatic appearance, we can use numerous colors, or use just one color for a subtle ombre effect. In bedrooms, living rooms, or any other area where you wish to create a relaxing atmosphere, ombre walls look fantastic.

Compared to feature walls with a single hue, ombre walls are more entertaining and provide depth. Also when you compare the price of this to wallpaper, they are less expensive and every ombre wall is distinct, showcasing your individuality and inventiveness. The best part is that you can select colors that best fit their preferences and go with the overall design.

4. Striped Wall Paintings

Painting your walls with stripes is a fun way to give your room personality and visual appeal. Parallel lines are used in striped wall paintings to create a satisfying and adaptable pattern. You can paint your wall using a variety of combinations with stripes thereby enhancing the customizing options to personalize the design to their tastes. The sense of a room can be dramatically altered by using striped wall painting designs, which can give the impression of height, width, or dynamic movement.

Stripes are a classic and timeless design element that is still often used in wall painting projects because they offer a polished and timeless look. Besides, every stripe combination is unique and expresses your taste which is more convincing and makes your wall more delightful. When compared to the prices of other wall painting designs, striped wall paintings are more affordable.

5. Wall Paintings With Stencil Designs

Using stencils on your walls is a great way to give them character and distinction. They provide countless opportunities for creating a statement wall or adding a subtle touch of texture and design. To create the ideal look for your area, you may choose from a variety of designs, including modern geometric shapes and classic florals. To create a unique design that complements your interior style, you can experiment with different sizes and colors.

Stenciled wall paintings have more durability than wallpapers which makes them tolerate a lot of wear and tear. Moreover, you can use a stencil again and again and try different variations with new colors, patterns, and styles. When you look at the cost factor, stencils are more affordable than wallpaper and can be obtained without going over budget.



6. Watercolored Wall Paintings

With pigments that dissolve in water which are obtained from plants, minerals, or other natural sources, watercolor painting is an amazing artistic medium to be used for wall paintings. It is especially well-suited for capturing the beauty of landscapes, flowers, and other natural objects because of its brilliant and clear properties. Moreover, your interior walls will have a soft and ethereal appearance with the watercolor wall paintings, which mimic the fluid and translucent qualities of watercolor paintings.

One of the reasons that watercolored wall paintings are good enough is they offer a wide range of expressive approaches, from powerful strokes to delicate washes. They also encapsulate the atmosphere, light, and shadow thereby leaving a wonderful and pleasant natural scenery. Besides, watercolors are transparent and can produce a distinctive luminosity effect on the walls.

7. Textured Wall Paintings

If you are a person who doesn’t opt for unusual art like geometric shapes, murals, etc, you can consider textured wall paintings that have only textures with variations and complex designs. Textured wall paintings give walls depth and aesthetic value by using materials or techniques that produce a tactile surface. There are several textures that you can opt for your walls like 3D Textured Panels, Brick or Stone Texture, Sand Texture, Venetian Plaster, Rag Rolling, Stippling, Sponge Painting, and more. Also, it is the one that comes under the easy wall painting designs category.

Wall textures improve the appearance and give interior walls a stylish feel without much complex artistic designs. Because of the mass that goes into making walls, they can aid in controlling humidity. Another advantage of the textured design is they can hide the uneven surfaces thereby maintaining the attractiveness of the walls.

8. Polka Dotted Wall Painting

Polka dots are circular dot patterns that are painted on the walls to produce a playful and appealing look. There are many types of Polka Dots Random Polka Dots which are dispersed dots of varying sizes throughout the wall, Grid Pattern Polka Dots, where the dots are placed in rows and columns at equal spacing, Ombre Dots, which use different tones of the same color, Monochromatic Dots, which stick to a single color, Multicolored Dots, that blend different hues to create a vivid and energetic appearance.

If you want to paint the walls of your children’s room, I would suggest you go with the Polka dots as they enhance cheerfulness and your children will love it. Moreover, to fit your style, you can select the dot size, color, and arrangement. Applying polka dot wall paintings is simple and can be done with stencils, decals, or freehand methods. They can also be updated or removed quite easily.

9. Bold and Bright Wall Painting

Bold and Bright Wall Painting is another good option for your interior walls as they have a unique design pattern that is quite attractive and convincing. Vibrant and vivid colors are used in bold and brilliant wall paintings to create a lively and energizing mood in interior spaces. These wall paintings are adaptable and may be used to customize a space according to tastes and design objectives. Also, they can be used on accent walls or across a room to elevate the overall experience.

These wall paintings are colorful and eye-catchy which also enables individual expression and can effectively and boldly convey the homeowner’s style and individuality. Moreover, bold and bright colors on the walls help create an air of spaciousness in tiny areas and keep the area from feeling claustrophobic.

10. Metallic Wall Painting

Metallic Wall Painting is a unique method wherein paint or finishes containing metallic particles are used to create metallic wall murals, which give the walls a shimmering, and reflecting appearance. Using this unique method, metallic wall paintings give interior spaces a touch of glitz and refinement, producing an opulent and sophisticated atmosphere that makes it one of the best wall painting designs for your interior spaces.

Depending on the chosen finish and application, metallic wall paints can be used in a variety of design types, from traditional to contemporary. Metallic wall paintings are popular among people looking for a sleek and sophisticated appearance since they are connected to a modern and contemporary aesthetic. If you are one such person, then get your interior metallic wall painted!